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Dec 9, 2006 12:31 AM

restaurants in westchester/playa del rey

Does anyone know of any moderately priced restaurants in the Westchester/Playa del Rey area that are worth taking out of towners to?


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  1. Depends on what you want. La marina is good in an old continental way. Not green goddess old but good and broken in. I understand it's closing soon after 50 or so years so get there soon if you want to try it.

    The shack is good for seeing surfers. May be good for some people.

    Ayara in Westchester is genuainely good thai food. Very good actually.

    Cafe Milan is the place to go for breakfast and political conversation in the morning.Coffee is decent and the food is OK but it has a strong locals vibe.

    And there is always In 'N Out Burger

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    1. re: quielo

      i must respectfully disagree about la marina inn.
      i live in playa del rey, and believe me, i've TRIED to like this place, and actually i do like it for everything EXCEPT their food.
      it is awful and overpriced imho and their dishwashing leaves something to be desired.

    2. you can go to the new place called piknic, although it's in plaa vista and not playa del rey. it's really decent, though.

      1. I've heard good things about the tapas place on Culver in Playa but have not been there yet.

        1. You might try Truxton's, on Truxton, just south of Manchester in downtown Westchester. Posts in the search function will ilicit various thoughts on the place. Just opened about 4 or so months ago.
          Info here:

          I have not been.

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          1. re: carter

            I did not care for Truxtons.

            ===>> However I would recommend it with a warning.

            Be sure that you ask about the dishes. I ordered a
            caesar salad and it did not resemble the salad I was expecting.

            They have a "twist" on their recipes where they tweak the standards.

            If you ask or are adventureous I would recommend Truxtons because it is a nice place and the food is well prepared.

          2. Minotaur gets good reviews on this board, although I haven't managed to check it out yet.