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Dec 8, 2006 11:54 PM

Pasadena Burger and Friends (Tops Vs. Connals)

I'm on the fence about which place to go tonight, and Pie & Burger is not my thing.

Would like to get a nice satisfying burger, some fries, and await the burger damage.

i've narrowed it down to Tops and Connals, haven't tried either's burger yet.

Cheers -

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  1. Are you getting this to go?

    Neither has much atmosphere, but if I had to dine *inside* either establishment, I'd go with Tops.

    Otherwise, I'd probably go with Connal's, for its beverage selection. They have great milkshakes in a variety of flavor combinations. In addition to the usual suspects, they also serve a chocolate-peanut butter shake and a pineapple-banana shake. They also have flavored sodas - cherry, vanilla & chocolate Cokes, for example. So if you're getting it to go, I'd pick Connal's. On the burgers, it's a tossup. Better fries at Connal's. I think Connal's has fried zucchini; I know there's good fried zucchini at Tops.

    Can't go wrong either way, really.

    1. I like should also try the Hat or Lucky Boys (best darn chili cheese fries in town-guranteed!!)

      1. I would definitely say the Original Tops on East Colorado. The one on Walnut is a little different. They also have a really good kobe beef dip sandwich. And it's a must to get the zucchini fries.

        1. I would choose The Hat over Tops for a burger, but then I've only been to the Tops on Walnut. Tops's fried zucchini, however, is the best I've ever stuck in my mouth, and you can get it in less-than-gargantuan portions nowadays.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            Agree, the Hat's burgers are very good. As are their rings and fries. I really like their fries, real potatoes, that taste like potato, crisp on the outside, potato-ey goodness on the insde, nice manly cut too, not those skinny things that come from the McD's of the world, and a regular order is actually a huge bag of fries.

            Don't forget to load up on the free hot peppers while waiting for your food.

          2. Totally different experience going to the tops on Walnut versus the one on East Colorado. Much higher quality and the real thing. The pastrami burger at the Colorado location is worth every calorie. Apparently they are separately owned and just share the name. Going a little east will be worth the trip. Guaranteed...

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            1. re: kproq323

              I respectfully disagree. I've been going to both locations for 20 yeasrs or so and both are good, but I prefer the Walnut location. I think their fries are consistantly better, and that is the main reason I go to Tops.

              As for Connal's, It will do in a pinch for me. I have to force them to not use the seasoned salt on the fries. THey are inedible for me with that stuff on them. I haven't had the shakes/malts there yet. Maybe I should try tomorrow...