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Dec 8, 2006 11:42 PM

Italian Bakeries in Manhattan?

Please recommend the best Italian bakeries within the city, especially those specializing in anise cookies.

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  1. I like Rocco's. Don't know about their anise cookies.

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    1. Veniero's in the East Village. It's a wonderland of pastry.

      1. Veniero's is my favorite--they do specialty desserts for the holidays special cookies/bisquits-and their zuppa englese is delicious-as well as their 5 or more types of cheesecakes-enjoy

        1. I second Rocco's. If by anise cookies you mean biscotti,
          they are good but not dense...more toast-like. Pignoli cookies are outstanding, as are filled-to-order cannoli.

          1. Veniero's is my favorite for Italian pastries. In Lower Manhattan the only pastry shop option is French - Financier (there are three: Stone Street, World Financial Center and the largest on William near the Federal Reserve).