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Dec 8, 2006 11:34 PM

Prime Prime rib roast

Does anyone have a good source/contact to buy Prime Prime rib roast. I am serving 200 people. I only am interested in buying the highest grade.

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  1. I think you must be more specific as to what you want. Bone in, cooked, raw, grade of beef ?? (I doubt you will get prime) but for that quantity, you might. I suppose I must assume you know whats involved in rib roast for 200. Costco has very good choice beef, but you might want to contact Del Monte Meats.

    1. export (Bone in) prime,aged,...I'm only buying 4 16-20lb whole.

      1. Allen Brothers...where the best steak houses get their meat. (Where Lawry's gets their prime rib)

        1. The meat market (don't know the name) in the back of Cafe Rouge Restaurant, Berkeley, has prime meat. Gorgeous looking prime rib. I am sure the cost will be astronomical, but you could call and find out prices. Call the restaurant and they could give you the number, or The Pasta Shop is in the next room and they would be able to give you a number.

          1. Okay thanks. I guess I'm being a bit naive Im looking for wholesale but I guess that would not be public knowledge. Like not telling who your good cleaning person is. I wouldnt pay over $11.00 for USDA prime grade aged...

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              Anyone have any tips on wholesale USDA prime-prime rib?

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                I guess I'm not getting thru. You will not find prime grade aged rib roast for $11.00 lb. To satisfy your curiosity, call a wholesale meat packer (like Del Monte) and ask for the price of wet aged primal cryovac rib grade. Since you admit your naivitee, do you have roasting pans and an oven to fit? You might pursue a few cooked rib roasts from a restaurant that has the facilities. It won't be $11.00 per pound, tho.

                1. re: OldTimer

                  I do have pans and digital thermometers. I have a double viking oven that works well enough. I have a friend who cooks the other two. This is my fourth year doing this. I just wanted to see if i could find any better leads but I'll stick with what I've got, thanks.

              2. re: Lydia Bacon

                Skip Del Monte and go straight to Preferred Meats in Oakland ( if quality is your number one criteria. They are one of the best meat companies in the country and do both wholesale delivery to Northern California restaurants and retail via their internet site. I have used them for all of our high end meat products at some of the best restaurants in SF. They carry several types of beef that are unbeatable in quality, such as Dakota Organic, Estancia, Premium Hereford as well as Snake River Farms Kobe , but your price point will be hard to reach. I pay almost $10 for whole boneless beef ribeyes and I use the Estancia or the Premium Hereford from Van de Rose Farms and I purchase roughly 20 whole ribeyes a week. You will definitely pay for quality beef, but the flavor and marbling difference is amazing. But again, if it is quality you are looking for, that is the place to look.

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                    Great website thank you! MMMmm meat looks good.

                  2. re: Lydia Bacon

                    Well, for the first time ever, I noticed last Tuesday that Costco (in Novato) was selling USDA prime rib roast for...$11/lb! I have gotten USDA choice rib roast from there before and been very happy.

                    1. re: Civil Bear

                      I asked the butcher at the Richmond Costco if they ever get USDA prime. He said it comes in unpredictably.

                      Lots of nicely marbled choice grade prime rib roasts for $8 a pound.

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        The $8/lb for choice-grade rib roast is actually a little high for Costco, so this year I went with a whole boneless NY strip at $4.69/lb.

                      2. re: Civil Bear

                        I bought a 3-rib, 7.8 lb PR at Costco (USDA Choice) and I'm currently dry-aging it in my fridge for Xmas. This is my first time dry-aging a roast so i hope it turns out! I'll have to remember to weigh it on Monday to see how much weight was lost.

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                          I have two 10lb Costco cryovac bonless ribeye roasts in my fridge right now. How do you dry-age it in the fridge?? Please share!!!!