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Dec 8, 2006 10:52 PM

Bad Brisket at Kreuz's Today

Today at 2:15pm we were due for Kreuz's in our rotation between Kruez's, Smitty's & Black's in Lockhart. Maybe it was later in the day than the so-called magic hour of 11:30am, but our brisket was really tough and tasteless. I could barely eat one slice. How I longed for a piece of Rudy's wet brisket -- that's how bad it was!

The hot sausage was pretty good though.

Are there magic time(s) of day to enjoy brisket at the Lockhart BBQ palaces?

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  1. Sigh. As a lifelong Kreuz man, it pains me to hear confirmation of what I've recently experienced at Kreuz as well. I've also been disappointed in the texture (tough) of the sausage since they've begun the heretical process of cooking it in an oven. The pork chops are still great but Smitty's has had better brisket in my recent visits. I still think your best odds for great brisket at either place is between 11:00 and 11:30. As for Black's, I'm just not a fan.

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      Blacks is a total joke. They get all this national news about being the oldest continuous bbq joint in Texas and they just throw out greasy horrible brisket. resting on their laurels I wont be back.

    2. Both times that I have been to Kreuz's this year the brisket has been terribly dry.

      1. That's too bad. To be fair, I've had bad luck on occasion at all of the Lockhart places except Smitty's. Some people love Black's, for example, but I always get a bad piece of brisket there, no matter when I go.

        Here's a very well-written, informative opinion on one hound's very good day at Kreuz Market:

        1. I ate at Kreutz in May. The ribs were awesome but the sausage was overcooked and practically mushy. I don't even remember the brisket because the ribs were so good.

          I skipped Lockhart a couple of weeks ago and went to Luling where the ribs and sausage were great, the brisket a little dry.

          I agree with MPH - they all have their bad days, seems like more so now than in the past.

          1. My boyfriend and I were just in Lockhart last week to sample the holy trinity of Smitty's, Blacks, and Kreuz. We tried a slice of brisket at each one. At Kreuz we also had a slice of prime rib. At Smitty's and Blacks we ordered the sausage. By far the winner was Smitty's. The brisket was nice and juicy with a great crust. The sausage at Smitty's was very greasy - which we enjoyed. If that's not your thing, someone told me you can ask for "dry" sausage, which is cooked longer to get rid of some of the grease. Even though the brisket at Kreuz was dry, it had a nice smoky flavor and made a nice condiment to the prime rib slice. Blacks brisket was moister than Kreuz but there was not very much flavor. The sausage was good, but not outstanding. Next time, I'll go straight to Smitty's.

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              Now THAT's a chowhound ... brisket serving as a condiment to prime rib!

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                I was thinking, you go to these BBQ powerhouses and order a slice?