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Dec 8, 2006 10:27 PM

Creative ChowHound Query: Edible Favor for Spanish Teacher Retirement Party

My dad is retiring from teaching high school Spanish for forty years and we are giving him a retirement party. Although, diehard Italian that he is, he eschewed my thematic dreams of a Mexican fiesta replete with wandering Plaza Garibaldi Mariachis (flown in of course wink, wink) , awesome mole that would bring us back to our days in Oaxaca, pinatas, margarita machines (alright I know....cheesey but I love planning this type of thing) I INSIST on making the favor Spanish-themed. In addition to a charitable donation to Teach America or something of the sort (we generally do St Jude's, Make a Wish, City Harvest, or Smile Train but I wanted something educationally-oriented, so any other ideas feel free..) I was thinking along the lines of a molded dark choclate sombrero, perhaps even chili-infused....I've searched for chocolate sombreros and of course dozens of cocktail recipes have come up, and I have even managed to locate molds, but no one who actually sells them....Any ideas?

In my perfect world I'd get hunks of Manchego, mojama, and piquillo peppers and maybe even some oily marcona almonds from Despana Foods and fill pinatas with them, but my dad thinks that's a bit wacky.... :)

Muchas Gracias,

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  1. See what has to offer. Spanish not Mexican but lots of stuff, foods and hard goods. Great Spanish Chorizo. How about a big paella party?

    1. How about plastic margarita glasses filled with lime or chipotle truffles? Or, you could make tres leches cake in them! You can get some fun novelty items here:

      1. I have to be a pain in the A@# here and point out that a "spanish themed" party would not include all of those tatsy and wonderful Mexican foods you have listed. Spanish does not equal Mexican. Now a party with a Latin theme would be a great idea and you could even assign specific countries to people that are helping with food etc. then you would end up with a very diverse choice of food and drinks that would make for a interesting and tasty evening... Or you could go with the "spanish " theme and serve paella and tapas etc. all of which are delicious.
        Sorry if I soungd preachy but everyone has a pet peeve and mine is the whole lumping of spanish and mexico into one big world.

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          I didn't catch that. I thought he was a Spanish teacher and they were doing a Mexican theme party, kind of like doing an American themed party for someone who teaches English. I agree about lumping the two together.

          1. re: chowser

            He is a Spanish language teacher and we were doing a party that reflected two places where we've lived extensively and used our Spanish the most throughout our years- Spain and Mexico.

            Now we can get into a very heated debate about the differences in the Spanish language within Spain and in Mexico, but it would take forever :) Food is way more interesting though.

            1. re: chowser

              Maybe I misread, but I like the idea of a latin themed party better. Seems more exciting and fun.

          2. What about the place in LA (I think) featured on Food Network that makes chocolate tamales...

            1. I'm not sure if you want edible favors, or if you want a menu. About favors, I don't know where you are, but we have a local candy maker who does all kinds of themes, and I've also had some luck on the web with odd requests (like I got a chocolate gavel from Florida). I'd do ceviche, ropa vieja and/or mole chicken, fried plaintains, and rice, and if it's a big do, you could do most of that buffet style in warming trays. I'd consider beer and mojitos along with the usual stuff, and there's no reason not to have manchego and chorizo for munchies before the meal.