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Has anyone made Suzanne Goin's prime rib recipe?

It was featured in the December issue of Food and Wine. It sounds good. There are so many ways of cooking a prime rib. Just wondering if anyone had tried this one yet.


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  1. I just pulled out my 2006 Dec. and Nov. issues of Food and Wine and cannot find a recipe for prime rib. You sure it is this year? If so what page #?

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      December 2006 of Fine Cooking.

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        I'm with Candy: After half an hour of searching, I can't find this recipe on the FW website.

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          yeah, it's not food and wine. the recipe is in fine cooking and the prime rib is the cover pic. i was just looking at it.

      2. I am presently prime rib obsessed so I found this article after reading your request:


        1. Can you give me the page#?

          1. It's here, but the recipe is not available on line. I think.

            1. Oops...sorry. My bad...I meant Fine Cooking! *sigh*

              1. Yes, and it rocked!

                1. What did you do for gravy? Did you make an au jus or gravy from the drippings?

                  I was a little confused with the recipe as it said to peel and smash the garlic cloves but the picture of the roast showed the garlic cloves unpeeled...or at least that how it looked to me.

                  Any helpful hints about this recipe or is it pretty straightforward and foolproof?

                  Thanks in advance for your help...

                  1. I used peeled, sort of smashed garlic cloves and some thyme sprigs etc. I am always guilty of very loosely interpreting the flavor aspects of a recipe. I did like the addition of butter. I made a roasting "rack" out of celery, carrots and onions and roasted the beef per instructions. I then added a little meat broth and white wine to the drippings in the pan for a nice little jus. I also served lots of horseradish cream.

                    Make sure that you use a properly calibrated probe thermometer and follow the recipe method. It is pretty "fool proof" !

                    Bon Appetit

                      1. Nope...it's the cover recipe on the December issue. The recipe isn't on the website yet.

                        1. Here is a link to Goin's recipe which was reprinted in the Contra Costa Times.


                          It seems to me that it would require more than the stated 1 Tbsp of oil to sear the prime rib. And that's not something for which I would use EVOO as the recipe calls for. Other than that, it sounds enticing.