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Dec 8, 2006 10:02 PM

Harvard Sq. Toscanini's to close for 6 months

Apparently the building is being renovated by Harvard (their landlord) and so they have to close. Last day is December 17th (or 18th, not sure). Their sign says they hope to reopen in 6 months, but it didn't sound like a sure thing. Not that it's really ice cream weather now that the temperature is approaching absolute zero (yikes!) but their espresso drinks have lately been my favorites in the square; I really hope they do come back.

(To forestall any panic: this ONLY affects the Harvard Square location, not any of the other Toscys.)

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  1. Eh. I went there the other day and was annoyed when I asked for a kiddie cone (which I've gotten there before) and the guy handed me a regular cone and charged me $3.45. When I said, "This is a kiddie cone?" he replied, "Oh, we don't have that."

    Lizzy's, Herrell's, and Ben & Jerry's are all within a few blocks. I'll miss the Burnt Caramel at Tosci's, but they sell it in pints at Darwin's sometimes (along with a few other basic flavors).

    1. There is always the option to walk for 20min and go to the mothership in Central.

      1. They also sell pints at Whole Foods.

        1. The original comment has been removed