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Dec 8, 2006 09:18 PM

Chicago style thin-crust pizza in Seattle or Portland???

I'm a transplant, and while I do enjoy a slice of pizza here in the NW, I am really really aching for a Chicago style thin-crust pizza. I'm talking square cut ultra thin ,sigh. Anyone know where I can find one? Here is a link to the Wikipedia definition and a picture (very accurate). Look under thin-crust....

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  1. I wish I had an answer for you. I moved from Chicago 14 years ago and I have yet to see a Chicago thin crust here. I love the little "corner" pieces...mmm........

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    1. Pardon me, but I thought thin crust was New York and deep dish was Chicago. Never heard of a traditional thin crust Chicago pizza...

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        no there is a variation on ultra thin crust that you can find at many neighborhood pizza joints in chicago. check out the wikipedia link, it expains exactly what I'm talking about!

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          This always baffles those of us that actually live in Chicago. Deep dish is quite popular, yes, but not as much so it seems as with the tourists. The everyday, classic, go-to style of pie in Chicago is thin crust and cut in squares, or "tavern cut." The crust itself is generally quite crisp, and considered to be little more than a vehicle for delivery of the toppings. Purists favour sausage on their pies, with perhaps some chopped onions or mushrooms.

          Here's some discussion of the local greats, along with photos for your enjoyment:


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            Yeah, it's a really interesting take on thin crust. Crunchy. Very unique. Although I've only had it once, and this shouldn't reflect the quality, it most reminded me of a frozen pizza. See this link for pictures from some places in Chicago:



            I don't know any place in Portland that has them. But then, we don't have any real Chicago style deep dish, either.

        2. That's interesting, I'd never known where that style came from before. I went to college in the tiny town of Northfield, Minnesota, where there are not one but two Greek pizza places (this in a town of 10,000 people).

          Anyway, both of these pizza places offer a thin-crust pizza cut into small rectangular pieces. I'd never seen that style of slice before or since, and always wondered if it was some kind of Minnesota thing.

          The particular thing these places are known for (both of them) is gyros pizza, which is thin-crust, rectangular-cut, topped with chunks of gyro meat and served with little plastic cups of tzatziki sauce on the side, into which you dip your little pieces of pizza. Sounds revolting before you try it, but once you've had it, you crave it. Particularly after a long night of drinking terrible beer and cheap whiskey at college parties.

          1. There was a place that served pizza like this in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I grew up. Of course I probably wouldn't like it as much now, but back when I was 14 it was one of the best imaginable foods. Especially the corner pieces. I had no idea it was a Chicago thing.

            1. Madame K's in Seattle offers great thin crust pies that are cut into 'party' squares similar to the chicago style you mention. It's a small joint that can fill up quickly on the weekends so there there may be a wait, but it's well worth it.

              They're located in the Old Ballard area:


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                Thanks all for sharing and thanks suppergirl, I'm gonna look into that!!! I called my family back in Chicago this weekend and told them to order a pie from Fox's on western and think of me ;p

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                  My last reply was removed, so I guess I worded that wrong. I'm gonna try again.

                  I was just back in Chicago and went to Fox's on Western (actually on the way home from the airport). In addition to the great pizza, I love their rubens and bbq beef.