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Another plea, any ideas for a trendy place to eat and have drinks in Orange County?

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My girlfriend and I like the Standard Hotel lounge on Sunset. We're often found at the Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa. Any other suggestions for OC?

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  1. You might also like Ten Asian Bistro (on MacArthur Blvd and Birch, just south of the OC Airport). Good drinks and trendy food. Terrible sushi, but if you're not picky, it's edible.

    You could also try Memphis Cafe on Bristol, south of South Coast Plaza, next to the Anti-mall. Great happy hour specials on food. elmomonster's got a great write up on the happy hour specials there, I believe.

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      Memphis at Santoro is in the artist village in Santa Ana. It is also the sister restaurant to Memphis Cafe. The food is nice and I admire their attempts at edgey comfort food. The food is good on the verge of very good and the place is definitely trendy mod.

    2. Three Thirty Three (PCH and Bayside)

      Kantina or Sejour Newport Beach

      Gulfstream, Banderas, Oysters all in Corona del Mar

      1. Aire at the Camp on Bristol.

        1. Yard House at Triangle Square and the Irvine Spectrum.

          1. Memphis is a good choice for drinks, and apps.

            Click here for some photos and a review:

            If you want a nightclub, and dancing, try the Shark Club on Baker near Bear. They've got food (a full menu actually) and a couple of bars. A meat market (and I don't mean for steaks) on the weekends, and Asian night (and I don't mean food) on Friday.


            1. Forgot to add MOSUN - Laguna Beach. Friday nights=80's night!

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                I was at Mosun on Dec 1st. Food was bad, service was slow and inept. parking and valet are non-existent, drinks were expensive, bar area was crowded -- and we were waiting for 1 hour 45 min because they don't take reservations on the weekends. Decor is great though!

              2. The food is ok but the drinks, scene and vibe are as cool as the other side of the pillow at The District Lounge in Orange.


                Now, to find a joint like this in So. OC....sigh