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Dec 8, 2006 09:10 PM

Southern food in Atlanta for visitors downtown and on local train route

Hi, We are visiting Atlanta for a conference in Jan and would love to try some good, medium-priced Southern food which locals like. We will stay downtown, so there for lunch, and for some place accessible by the local train system from there for dinner. BBQ suggestions also welcome.
Also, some place from where we can get to the airport easily (to have an early dinner) will also be welcome since we have a late flight Sunday night.

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  1. Easy train access will find you South City Kitchen, maybe not 'locals' you're thinking of, but rather very well excuted updates to the southern standards.

    1. I second that - I'm a big South City Kitchen fan - very nice atmosphere and service, not too pricy, southern flair for out-of-towners to get a sense of the region.

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        Sounds fabulous - I already went and booked, after a look at the menu. Thanks so much. Any BBQ suggestions for a late lunch on Sunday? A short cab ride too will be fine.

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          Atlanta is not a bbq hotbed. If you don't have preconcieved notion of what BBQ has to be, then many out of towners enjoy Fatt Matt's Rib Shack. You could ride the bus (egads !) from the North Avenue Marta Train Station to Fatt Matt's on Piedmont. You should get off at the stop closet to Piedmont and Rock Springs. Fatt Matt' is on the right side of the street after a treed non commerical stretch going up a hill.
          Here is the bus schedule

          (NorthBound - Don't worry, the bus actually takes you away from the 'fray') Or take the Northbound train to Lindberg, grab a taxi (only about 1.5 miles away from there) - This would be what I'd do.