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Dec 8, 2006 09:01 PM

Greek Bakery

Hi all,
I'm trying to help out my parents in this hunt for a greek bread!
My parents went to Greece in the summer to visit friends.
There is a particular type of bread that they ate, usually for breakfast.
I may have the spelling wrong, but it is something like "koloraea".
My parents described it to me as having a sort of hard texture. It is not a cookie!

We even drove down to the Danforth and went found a greek bakery.
They pointed us out to something they had when we asked for the koloraea.
We ended up buying a dozen, but it wasn't what my parents were looking for.

I'd appreciate any recommendations, thanks!!

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  1. I'm not positive, but is what you're trying to describe a baguette-type product? I've never heard of the word you're describing it as, but I do know that a Greek type baguette, usually round, white bread with sesame seeds on top is called a "kouloura" pronounced koo-loora.
    But what threw me off was that you said it was sort of hard. The only other thing I can think of is "paximathi" pronounced PA-xi-MA-THEE, which is kind of like a Greek biscotti-bread. Here's a link to an example:

    The bakeries on the Danforth should have it, if not, try Kostas Meats on Ellesmere and Warden. He's pretty good.

    Good luck!

    1. I think what you mentioned at first, the kouloura, is probably what i'm looking for. My mom DID mention to me that it was round, king of like a bagel shape but without a hole?

      I'll check out Kostas Meats sometime since that's sort of closer to me uptown.
      Thanks Raquel!

      1. Not sure where you can get kouloura bread, but Serano Bakery, 830 Pape, between Danforth and Mortimer, is the place of choice for a lot of Toronto Greeks. You can always give them a call at 416-462-2735.

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          Um. No its not. Serrano's is a fine bakery but, not a destination point as you have described.

          1. re: to_frankie

            OK. Then what IS the "destination" bakery for Greeks in Toronto? There doesn't seem to be anything here that's similar to Afroditi in Montreal.

            1. re: estragon

              Donlands is one that comes to mind more so than Serrano's.

          2. re: estragon

            Yes, it is a great place! The bread requested I actually bought today and it is oh so good with the hard crust harder and more flavourful than Italian or Portuguese breads. Certainly it is a destination for me with all it's fine products, even specialty grocery, and at Serano Bakery, this out-of-towner almost always gets parking fairly easily in the small plaza lot!

            1. re: estragon

              I would agree that Serano's is the favourite bakery for many Greeks in Toronto. About 500 Greeks were served Serano pastries last night at the annual Ahepa Christmas party at the Metropolitan Centre. The Serano pastries were actually the best part of the meal.

            2. Was it soft inside? Santorini's in Thornhill serves a large round loaf that has a hard crust but is soft inside. It reminds me of Portuguese cornbread.

              1. kouloura/ koulouri is the bread that you are describing. it is a ring that is hard with sesame seeds. its yummy and is sold in bakeries and on street coirners all over greece. while i know its not what you are looking for, tsoureki is even yummier.a fluffy bread that is a little sweet. toasted with butter it is heaven...

                you can go to and order.