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Pumpernicks in Montgomeryville/North Wales..I give it five out of five matzo balls

gbruno Dec 8, 2006 09:01 PM

Like me, you have driven past it a hundred times near the intersection of Route 202 and 309.
Went today for the first time.
It's a stand alone family-owned restaurant, not a chain. That's the good news...and they do it right.
The place was packed on a Friday afternoon at 1:30PM.
Gave my name to the hostess...only waited about five minutes for our table.
We had a business meeting there (CommentBox.org). We like to have our meetings in different locations just to keep it interesting.
Great classic jewish deli menu.
I had the soup and 1/2 sandwich. Matzo Ball Soup and Corned Beef on Rye (C'mon...what did you think I would have there?!) $7.25 and the "Pickle Bar" with quite a few items that were out of this world.
Service was friendly and pretty quick. I had two pickles, a pickled tomato, and some fresh coleslaw while waiting.
Drink was included in the lunch meal. I had hot tea on this very cold day.
Stayed about 90 minutes. Had a second cup of tea. Place quieted down quite a bit.
I give it five out of five matzo balls. I'll easily go back again and would bring a client there no problem.
Food was excellent, quick, the place was clean, bathroom was immaculate, and overall a good experience.
You pay at the register on the way out.
Parking was a little cramped...but I highly recommend it.

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    FelafelBoy Dec 10, 2006 01:57 AM

    Good to know that there are places out there, particularly in the more distant suburbs doing authentic ethnic cooking, be it Jewish or some other fare. I liked your choice of symbol for rating this restaurant! One other choice of rating such a place is indicating the degree to which the matzo ball floats (sinking indicates a lower rating scale, just for the record)!

    The name of this place reminds me of a place I visited many years ago in North Miami or Miami Beach (can't recall which it was), with a similar name. Maybe it was Wolfe's - the restaurant had a very big front with bright lights overhead advertising the place. There was a bakery in the front of the store.

    More places do watered down Jewish foods, these days, particularly with pumpernickel bagels, let alone matzo ball soup, not to mention kosher dills. I have seen kosher dills made without vinegar at only one store - the pickles were garlic dill and were made by Ba-tampte, out of Brooklyn.

    What I really miss in this area are bakeries that make authentic Jewish style baked goods. I think there is one Jewish bakery in the Overbrook area. Does Pumpernicks have an instore bakery, and/or do a good job with desserts?

    Most supermarkets' in store bakeries Jewish baked goods do too much on the sugar component and leave out the other components. Costco's does a very reliable job with the rugelach. Jewish apple cake and mandel (almond) bread are good desserts to test for authenticity as well!

    If Pumpernicks was closer to where I live, I'd give it a try.

    Keep us Chowhounds informed of your future adventures at this place, and of different dishes you try. I'd be curious as to how the cole slaw was. Well made cole slaw is rare. Most of the times it is either tasteless or overly sweet. One of the best cole slaw I have had has been at ... believe it or not ... at Whole Foods instore deli. They use a better mayonnaise, natural cane sugar, and include some seasoning that gives it a light yet rich flavor. And of course, it tastes very fresh. I think the mayonnaise used defines the better taste.

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      Hellolaura Dec 12, 2006 12:35 PM

      My boyfriend and I go to Pumpernick's about every Sunday. It's pretty much just a deli, with a large dining room, that move's people out pretty quickly, so if their is a wait, it doesn't last too long. It is our standby for a quick breakfast or lunch.

      Their menu is huge, so much food to choose from. I've had their hoagies, salads, wraps, etc. My boyfriend always gets the same thing, which is an open faced turkey sandwich on rye bread with cole slaw, russian dressing, melted cheese and bacon. This past weekend, I ordered one of their 10oz chicken sandwiches.....it was so much food. Their burgers are pretty tasty, too.

      We generally spend about 20 dollars and for the amount of food you get, it's worth it.

      As for desserts.......well, I've never had any of them. In the front deli counter they have cookies and such. I've also kept my eye on the chocolate cake that's in their pie case.....I just always forget to order it!

      The cole slaw is very good. Actually, they have two kinds, the slaw on their pickle bar is just sugar and vinegar based, but they also serve the mayonnaise based one, too.

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        Karen K Dec 12, 2006 01:23 PM

        We've had Pumpernick's cater a couple of events for us over the past couple of years (one, wraps/salads etc., the other was Passover Seder) and we were pleased with the food on both occasions.

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