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Dec 8, 2006 08:49 PM

It's cold... I'm craving noodle soup take-out

I'm hoping for suggestions in the Cambridge, Somerville, Allston areas... don't feel like driving to Chinatown to pick up my usual roast pork soup with dumplings from Hong Kong Eatery.

Any ideas, fellow Chows?

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  1. The Porter Exchange bldg in Porter Square is chock full of noodle soup options. The ramen place in there is pretty good. Super 88 in Allston is another options.

    1. You can pick up some Pho at Pho Pasteur in Harvard Sq. (or is it called Le's now?). Like goldenboy mentioned Porter Sq. is also a good idea. You can't go wrong with a large bowl of Nabeyaki Udon (sp?) from Ittyo's in Porter Sq.

      1. Porter Square is perfect... I'm dying for Udon noodles and I haven't been there for years.

        1. The food court at the Super 88 in Alston has a number fo good options.

          1. tip top in teele sqauare has a great spice beef soup -- made with brisket. they were out when i went on sunday night and i almost cried.

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            1. re: wonderwoman

              I've never managed to get that soup, had to settle for the pork one, sniff. Is it really spicy? I'll have to try again.

              1. re: Aromatherapy

                not too spicy (which is fine by me), but it is sooo good on a cold winter night. i work in davis square, i might try calling ahead before heading there.

                1. re: wonderwoman

                  Well they do have a chili caddy. Will have to try again soon. Thanks for reminding me. Not that the pork one is a slouch.