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Dec 8, 2006 08:34 PM

Movie Beer?

Local movie theater just opened up that serves. Weird question but which of the following beers would you most want a cold pitcher of while watching a movie with friends?

Trumer Pils, Stone IPA, Anderson Valley Boont Amber, Mendocino Brewing Eye of the Hawk, Firestone Double Barrel, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.


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  1. i would have to endorse sierra celebration. it's a great beer, it tastes good slightly warm, and it's got like 10% of the good stuff, baby!!!! boont amber is a close second, but i think it's only like 6%... but eye of the hawk is a little one-dimensional as far as i'm concerned. i don't recall trying stone ipa. i find trumer better for the summer. firestone double barrel might be a better taste, but with only 5 %, i'd rather pay the big bux for a 6 pack. and regular sierra... it's become the budweiser of decent beer. i can't remember the last time i went to a gas station that doesn't have sierra. it's good beer, but i wouldn't go out and order it if there are other options.

    1. I would go with something a bit more session-like (Trumer) since I want to be not just awake but coherent enough to enjoy the film. Plus Trumer is served with those cool skinny glasses.

      1. Pitchers are for sharing? How long is the movie....;)

        I'd definitely go with the Celebration (it's only about 6.5%, fwiw), mostly due to its seasonality. Once that is all gone I'd slip into Stone IPA mode, myself.

        I agree with MOOKIECOOKIE about the Mendocino Eye of the Hawk- it's good for the first glass, but not so good on the subsequent ones.

        1. you're right... i guess i just feel that it's more abv. and i think that they probably have plastic cups or standard glasses at a theater, chinon00, but JT will be able to chime in on this one.

          and by the way: coherence is overrated. vive celebration!!!!!!!

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            Your standard 16 oz. glass pub glasses and glass pitchers (both chilled).

          2. The Boont! It has the best breadth of flavor of the bunch. If you get the Celebration at the start of the movie, you risk having to get up in the middle of the movie to take care of, well, you know.

            If someone's willing to get up to get a second round, the Celebration.