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Dec 8, 2006 08:20 PM

Good first date place

Hi Hounds,

Any suggestions for a good place for a first date? Someplace that serves seafood, good ambiance, but not too formal.

Niblet, your suggestions will be given extra consideration.

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  1. Hi. I'm not niblet, and my suggestion doesn't have seafood -- at least, I don't think it does -- but Dish on Shawmut (South End) is a great date place. It's dark and cozy, has cute little booths, and the pizza half of the menu encourages sharing. :] Plus, it's not the always-packed too-chi-chi Franklin Cafe.

    Good luck. I'd like to hear what you choose...

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    1. re: chucktownlady

      I think Dish usually has at least one or two good seafood options (I recall a pretty good cornmeal crusted cod on their menu), as does Franklin. I also like B&G for a date (or any meal for that matter).

    2. I'm not niblet either, but I agree that Dish would be a good place to go. Excellent food, cozy surroundings, and a great neighborhood for strolling around afterwards.

      1. I've been to Dish once and it was very good. Quality pick. The cold must've affected my memory cuz I should've remembered.

        1. Goldenboy -

          What a great name! I haven't yet been to Dish, someone in work also recommended it just this week. So that sounds like a good suggestion. I'd also recommend:

          Neptune Oyster (North End)
          B&G Oyster (South End)
          Douzo (sushi, next to Back Bay T)
          Eastern Standard (Kenmore)
          Casablanca (Harvard Sq)
          Tapeo (Newbury St)


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          1. re: Niblet

            These are all good, great food, great atmosphere, and diverse locations (I'm partial to Casablanca, Eastern Standard, and Neptune).

            1. re: Niblet

              If you have a phat budget I think Om is a very good first date place... Or maybe it's too sexy?

              If you consider Casablanca a pre-dinner cocktail at Om could work. Oh, and then dessert at Upstairs on the Square or Finale or hot chocolate at Burdicks...

            2. Thank you all for your responses. I'm leaning between B&G and Dish.

              Niblet, let's keep this on the DL between us.