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Dec 8, 2006 08:10 PM

Amish Fine Foods Market in Atlas Park Shops, Glendale?

Amish fine foods opened yesterday FINALLY after it was supposed to open in August--Octoberfest German Rest will open in December same owners as Manor Deli in Richmond Hill (which by the way, has GREAT macaroni salad)a real old world holdout for the neighborhood---...will be going later tonight to check it out, will report back---am hoping for a decent seafood and butcher source in the there a such thing as a great seafood store in Richmond Hill, Glendale, Woodhaven area??????

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  1. Oooh....can't wait for your report! My parents live about 1-1/2 miles away from the Atlas park mall. I'm in the Midwest now, but will be visiting them Christmas week. Can't wait to check out Amish fine foods for myself!

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      Well I went to Amish market today after anticipating it's opening for four months now. I am happy to say that I thought it was pretty nice. It is not a Baldoucci or Zabars, but it is nice. They have a nice deli, what seemed to be a very good bakery with a wide variety of cakes and desserts. they have coffee bean selection and coffee to be purchased at the bakery. They have olives and such. Prepared foods did not look as gourmet as I thought they would, but I have yet to try them. The salad items I bought from the cold bar and sushi bar were tasty. They have a frozen food section, fresh produce and a small selection of fresh pastas and sauces. It is a nice design and a pleasant place to shop. You can also get fresh flowers at the adjoining dahlia flowers. After paying you can sit inside and in the future outdoors. They had plenty of cashiers, so their was a very short wait and although they were busy it was pleasant. They also have several items to sample from the various departments. Its a great place if you live in the neighborhood or if you happen to be going to the area to shop, but I am not sure if it is all that much worth it if you live far away.

      Forgot to mention that although the prices are not cheap they are reasonable.


    2. Do report back about Amish Fine Food--I can't believe they are finally opening!

      1. I went to Amish about 9pm this evening, and the seafood area was shut down already, so couldn't check that out--the butcher area was very small, and didn't think the quality was anything special or the selection diverse enough looking---however the deli had all Boars head priced lower than Stop and Shop and they had a good selection. They also had their own roast beef which I got and had with the Boars head Horseradish sauce which they sell there, which was very good--also got some Provence Turkey, that they make--good as well. The olive bar was not nearly as nice as the olives at Iavorone Bros in New Hyde Park, but I got some to sample--However their sundried tomatoes on the salad bar were excellent, and super cheap at $5 a lb--everywhere else comes in at $13 a lb....Also, their cilantro, parsley, and some other veg items were priced very fairly, and lower than Natural on Austin st--but the produce was in a sep cold room,,,,and alot of it was a bit wilty looking--probably not enough turn over yet----several stations with prepared food, or sandwiches or hotfood menu's--but fairly pedestrian and as the other poster said, not as Gourmet as I was hoping for--but for the area, a definite step in the right direction as their is no takeout of this type--

        They also have a very good selection of Olive Oils,--disappointed no real bread section--and the bakery was small and kinda boring---the sushi looked a bit on the scary side---

        Think I'd go back and see the seafood situation, and stick with the deli stuff for right now----The salad bar actually had some nice stuff--but it was looking kinda old--(my husband said the same stuff was there yesterday afternoon when he checked it out)---It's not Citarella, it's not Gourmet Garage, it's not whole foods------it's kinda like a place you see on vacation somewhere else other than NYC--like maybe Savannah, GA down by the riverfront--and this is what seems kinda weird about---but then the whole entire Atlas shops just feels plain surreal and quasi Palm Beach in the middle of Glendale, so I guess it all makes sense.

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          Janie, do you really like New Hyde Park Iavarone's much more than Grand Avenueein Maspeth? Worth the trip?

          Also, I agree Atlas Park is bizarro. Not sure if I was a developer I would schedule the completion of an open air shopping concourse to coincide with the onset of winter. Lucky for them its been warm. Can you imagine if it had been in the 20s and 30s all month?

        2. I used to live in Hell's Kitchen and there's an Amish market there...also lucky enough to have one near my job. It used to be super cheap - now it's just reasonable but it's a nice store to live or work near. Good salads, decent olive oil and cheese. The one near me had nice bread, too. The truly great thing about these guys, though, is that their stores constantly evolve. They're always adding and moving things around.

          1. I work close to Amish Market downtown and they have an unpublisized 10% discount to anyone who works/lives near the store. A manager looks at your license/business card and gives you the secret discount card. I wonder if this store has that.