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Dec 8, 2006 08:07 PM

J Restaurant & Lounge in Downtown

Has anyone been here? It was suggested to me for a group of 6. We're interested in good food & a good bar scene to follow. Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm very curious, too.

    The Sommelier used to work at Bastide. No wonder he looks so familiar! And, very bittersweet that both chef and sommelier, in addition to so many other LA chefs, came from L'Orangerie, which is now closing.

    1. I went there for drinks a couple of weeks ago and hung out in the bar. Very cool scene. Sorta reminds you of a bistro in Soho back in the days. Did not have a chance to try the food, but it looked pretty good. Drinks were strong and service very friendly. Will go back there and try dinner...

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        do you need to be dressed up? i was thinking of going on a saturday for the bar food and drinks.

      2. No... you can be city casual with jeans and a top or you can dress up if the mood strikes. It's like going to any local 323 restaurant. Somewhat hip, but not pretentious... They also play whatever sports game is going on.

        1. I ate there when it first opened and thought they had no clue as to how to serve food. The only edible thing we had was a lovely little baby arugula salad, perfectly dressed, hazelnuts, and some kind of cheese, but I forget (it was about a month ago). We had boulliabase which was entirely disgusting; tasted like dirty fishy bathwater with two shrimp, two mussels, two clams in it. I already forget what else we had, but the point is, we were so disappointed.

          They may have figured a few things out by now; it was empty when we went. But I did love the space, both downstairs and up. Totally reminded me of something really urban, in another city kind of way. Not LA.