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Dec 8, 2006 07:47 PM

Andy's Bistro in Cumberland, RI

Has anyone else been to this gem? I was there on the Friday night after Thanksgiving with my Fiance and her family celebrating her Mother's birthday. As we pulled into the little strip mall on Mendon Road and I saw the enormous Powerhouse gym next door, any expectations I had were deflated. Little did I realize that such a wonderful restaurant could exist in such a place. However, the restauraunt truly provided one of the more memborable meals I have had. Great service, Great food and unbelievably reasonable prices! My filet was top quality and cooked to perfection, but the Lobster Ravioli was to die for. Honestly, BY FAR the best Lobster Ravioli I have ever tried. I don't think it could be made any better. I am writing this review for two reasons: 1) I feel compelled as a thank you for the meal I was fed (I beleive it is a brand new restaurant)and 2) I want to know if I am blowing this out of proportion. Is the food really that good or were my low expectations the reason I thought it was so splendid?

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  1. Well I think this is a little overrated because I went to Andrews and had the Ravioli and it was Ok but not great. Otherwise it is a nice little restaurant that serves basic meals for good prices. If you really want a well prepared meal you should drive down into woonsocket and try Vintage out- It is great.

    1. I have to jump in here because I couldn't agree more with you, "Blanks" -- I discovered Andrew's Bistro shortly after it opened (around Labor Day if I remember correctly) and it's become a regular dining spot for us and our friends.
      1/ Specifically, re: lobster ravioli: it is divine. No fake meat in there, and a delicious sauce to accompany it.
      2/ Generally: the menu is rich and diverse, + they offer a variety of specials. So much to taste, and it's always been great! Always! And the ATMOSPHERE is so warm, pleasant, "upscalish comfy" I am tempted to say -- not pretentious, just really nice. It's superior cooking, much more than 'basic meals' -- not nouvelle cuisine-ish, which I don't care for anyhow, but a combination of high quality ingredients, very good sauces and classic influences overall. From every point of view, we've felt very differently about Vintage.

      1. We have been to Andrew's Bistro several times. The restaurant is good for it's price point, but not great. Everytime we have been the potatoes and vegetables have been cold. That being said, we will still return there. We also have to agree with derekmahoney, Vintage is really a great restaurant.

        1. Odd about the cold veggies -- we've never had an off experience at Andrew's Bistro. As for comparing the two places, well, Chacun a son gout, as they say! It's exciting that culinary ventures are happening around the suburbs nowadays and aren't limited to the big cities. Who could ever imagine such restaurants in Northern RI, right?

          1. i know this an old post, but i live right around the corner from Andrews and LOVE it, the service is always beyond superb, the ambiance - you forget where you are - and the food, just divine. My only problems in going there are the desserts, i have not at all been impressed by the choc cake (very dry), the creme puffs or cheesecake. if they could improve upon their desserts i could not find one thing wrong with this dining experience.

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              anyone been to Andrew's Bistro in Cumberland since the new owner took over?