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Dec 8, 2006 07:22 PM

Berliners @ Rockenwagner Bakery

So, I had read about the special Friday Berliners (German jelly donuts) at Rockenwagners. I drove left for work early and went pretty far out of my way to bring this supposedly delicious treat in for my office this morning.

What a disappointment!

There was little to no jelly, and the donuts themselves were pretty stale and blah.

I usually love their stuff, so I was a bit surprised.

Anyone else have a similar or hopefully better experience? If this was an off day, I'd be willing to try again.

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  1. I have been unhappy with a few of their items at the SM farmer's market. Muffins have seemed dry and stale sometimes.

    1. I'm truly hoping he comes through with the new eatery on Abbot Kinney because I've found the bakery fare truly sub par for someone of his reputation. Memories of the early years tell me he's much better than this.

      1. The bakery is terrible-
        The coffee awfull .
        The breads stale-and most of all OVERPRICED-Extremely disappointed and will not return!

        1. I've found most of their baked goods to my liking. So much so that I usually go up to three days a week. However, my experience with the Berliners has been the same. I don't want as much jelly as one would find in a typical jelly-filled donut, but the miserly nib of jelly in this puppy leaves alot to be desired. My first experience with this was splitting one with my wife - I cut it in half, and found nothing in the middle. When I cut it again by the entry point, there was just a trace of jelly in there - WTF? I figured human error. I tried one another time and found almost the same thing - a little more than the first one I tried, but not nearly enough to make the mistake of getting a third...

          Something with lots of raspberry flavor is their raspberry sandwich. Take it home, stick it in the oven on a relatively gentle heat for 5 minutes, and plop some creme freche on we're talking...

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            From what I hear about these new fangled bakeries, I just assume stick with Porto's where the price is so right and I am NEVER disappointed. Went there on Thursday afternoon, brought home many things but, also a treat for me to enjoy ON the way home. They make a delightful little fresh fruit tart. I asked for one of those. I opened the container once on the road and was so pleasantly surprised. The same light and lovely creme accompanied with 2 slices of green apple, 2 peach slices, a grape, a raspberry and a half a very large strawberry! Now the tart was nowhere to be seen (I was really looking forward to that little butter cookie) but, something really nifty. It was brown and undetectable until I brought it to my mouth. A large heart shaped CHOCOLATE shell filled with all those yummy little morsels. This morning it was a lightly toasted cheese roll and 1/2 an almond danish. OMG! never a WTF. How DO they do it, everyday, all day...amazing.

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              I can rationalize going to 3 Square regularly - IMHO, they do make good baked items. But this is Berliner is something that go alot of buzz - was even mentioned in the LA Times Food section. They're near work, and I don't have to drive to Glendale (or the other secret location - Shhhh) to get my bakery fix. With that said, your play-by-play on Porto's is making me wish they'd open up a place in the Westside - they'd do bank - big bank.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                That's what weekends are for , Bula -GO, GO , GO!
                Don't forget to try a sammy- Last week I had an Italian vege thing that was so yum, I managed to eat the whole thing! One item that DOES disappoint is their tea. That icky fruity stuff that tastes like bubble gum to me.

                1. re: Kitchen Queen

                  I hear you... Glendale and Burbank are like other countries to this Westsider. Not that I feel that they aren't worth visiting - just that I usually tie in some required activity or errand with visits to eateries that are outside of my hood. I am lucky in the fact that a close friend goes out to Porto's somewhat regularly and always brings us back a box of pastries for us. With Porto's and Berolina in the same general neck of the woods, I can see myself heading out that way some time soon... thanks for the encouragement and the recs as well!