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Dec 8, 2006 07:21 PM


How's the new UBurger in Kenmore? Are the burgers gigantic? I tend to like mine smaller and more compact.


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  1. I agree, I like them more compact as well. I would say theirs is comparable to quarter pounder in size and pretty good at that. The fries are very, very good.

    1. I'd concur. Just tried them today, even though I only live a few blocks away.

      1. On the recommondation of someone who read the reviewes I went there for the first time on 12/30/06. I ordered a cheeseburger, my friend ordered a ch-burger with the add on fries and frappe. Overall the food, fries and frappre was good. The customer service was friendly, the food was ready in a reasonable time frame.

        The only thing we found a bit strange were the chairs and walls. The metal chairs were cold, and the walls were made of some corrugated aluminium material. Thus *sounds tended to bounce off the walls. In other words the aluminium siding didn't make the place seem a cozy and inviting place on a damp and rainy/snowy day.
        Would we go there again, YES. It is close to where I live and the prices are reasonable.

        *On this particular day there were at least two families there with children under the age of 5yrs old who were were quite hyper and noisy.

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          I agree the decor is cold and not great, the walls being the oddest feature. Looks like the inside of an airplane hanger.

        2. And the actual temperature can be cold too. I've gone there probably 4 times now. Every time I've enjoyed a delicious burger and exceptional fries. Actually, 1 time I tried the chicken sandwich. It came w/cheddar cheese and bbq sauce and was good, but nothing earth shattering. Those fries may be the best in Boston. I could seriously make a meal out of them.

          Anyway, they've had the front door open a few times I've been there...and a few other times the door wasn't open but when someone came in you got a blast of cold air. So....I've pretty much always eaten w/my coat on. I think they had the door open last time to give the place a bit of ventilation. Though it's not what I'd prefer, I understand as when I went back to work I smelled like a fry-o-later for a good couple of hours. Would have obviously been a lot worse without air circulating.

          1. After seeing the place praised many times at this site, we finally dropped in for lunch today. The place is clean and friendly, the menu nice and simple, and the prices agreeably low. And then the burgers -- a very fine burger indeed! We got burgers of the "combination" variety ("yuppie burger" for me, which was mushrooms, bacon and swiss, and something I forget the name of for the sig other, which had fried jalapenos and your standard toppings). The burgers were well made, good ingredients, neither drippy nor showy. I would say they are definitely the best I've had in that style in a long time (for flamey and toasty, I like the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, which also has good iced tea). I'll agree with everyone on the fries too. The happiest surprise in the place: malt vinegar for the fries, shades of my youth!

            All in all, one of the best fast food places we have tried in a while. made me wish, ever so briefly, that I worked at BU.

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            1. re: Gordito

              Agree on the Malt Vinegar! Great touch.