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Where to buy Vermont Maple Syrup for Christmas gifts????

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I am going to the Midwest for the holidays and would love to bring some things back as gifts that are from the New England area....one of those is Vermont Maple Syrup. Is there a place in Boston to buy this or maybe online that you would recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Whole Foods should have VT Maple Syrup. You might also want to try the Fruit Center in East Milton Square.

    1. Trader Joe's has is way cheaper then anywhere else.

      1. It's definitely not hard to find around here, but if you're getting it as a gift, I'd imagine you'll be especially interested in presentation. In this case, you may want to try some of the more boutique-y shops (or perhaps "shoppes") around town such as Pemberton Farms outside of Porter Square or Cardullo's in Harvard Square.

        On the other end of the spectrum, most local supermarkets carry it too, sometimes in tins shaped like log cabins, which will either be viewed as oh-so-cute or stupendously tacky, depending on your personal taste.

        Lastly, a number of local tourist shops (around Faneuil Hall, etc) carry "sampler sets" containing 3 or 4 small containers of syrup with varying degrees of hue. A number of my friends from VT love to lampoon this, insisting it makes little-to-no difference in the taste, but it can still make a nice gift.

        1. Dakin Farms (look online for hams, syrup, bacon, etc.)

          1. We get ours shipped from Morse Farm. http://www.morsefarm.com/

            Turns out, an old friend of ours from our Atlanta days moved up to Vermont and he knows them. Says they're very nice people. Family owned farm.

            1. You can find it everywhere!

              The question is quality and price.

              I usually buy Trader Joes because it is good and like StriperGuy said, it's relatively cheap.

              Grade B syrup is darker and fuller bodied with more maple taste. It's also cheaper than Grade A.

              1. Just make sure you check it (wrap it well!) the rules have not relaxed at all :( (for us who fly around w/microbrews or wine...)

                1. I really love "Rent Mother Nature". They give your loved ones a "share" of the maple farm. The receive a share certificate and progress reports. When the harvest season comes (early spring for maple), they get their share of the booty, with a promise for the minimum quantity that they will receive. Lots of fun as a gift, and they do coffee, nuts, honey, fruit and cheese shares, too.

                  Here is the link for the maple lease:

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                    Not to pick-a-nit but Rent Mother Nature's site says that their syrup is harvested in The Adirondacks aka N.Y. State which is fine but it's not Vermont. Nor is a large percent of the "bargain" syrups mentioned in this thread.They're,primarily,from Quebec Province,Ca.,just so you know.

                  2. It is $17-18 per half gallon at Costco.

                    1. Sorry, Costco's is not from Vermont.

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                        I think Costco's is Canadian. Can anyone speak to the quality, though, relative to the more expensive offerings elsewhere?

                      2. The Taftsville Country Store in Vt. - can get it online. Has a very nice glass bottle with ceramic top and other nice presentations.

                        1. If you're going to buy Vermont maple syrup, why not buy it directly from (and support) a Vermont producer? Many of them have websites where you can purchase syrup and gift baskets online.


                          I buy my syrup from Mance's Tree Farm, which is sold through Evans Country Store.

                          Green Mountain Sugar House is also very good and has a good selection of gift baskets.

                          1. Ok-you might not want to break the bank, so Trader Joe's is good. But you might be concerned abou presentation, so Trader Joe's is not good.

                            What to do?

                            Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's if you have the time to look--they often have bottles of a high quality VMS, in a nice leaf shaped bottle (not tacky-until syrup drips on it!). I forget the name, but it's mmediately recognizable due to bottle. I've sen it in specialty shops at twice the price. Very tasty.

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                              I'm glad you mentioned that. I got a couple of bottles at TJMaxx for gifts for friends out West. The leaf-shaped bottles are just kitchy enough but I was wondering about the quality of the syrup because they are so inexpensive. ($4 for a small bottle). Happy to hear the actual product is good too.

                            2. I saw Vermont maple syrup in Dairy Fresh Candy in the North End just yesterday, packaged in pretty glass bottles. Didn't check the price.

                              1. not from VT (why is that a requirement??), but I've had some delicious maple syrup from berkshiresweetgold.com. they seem to be fanatically artisanal maple producers, doing only single-batch harvests and wild fermentation. I think it varies a lot with the batch, but their flavor palette is rich and subtle - nutty, buttery, earthy, floral, and more. interestingly, they say the color grade is determined not by how much they cook it down but by the weather and wild yeast & bacteria at the time they harvest.

                                it's not cheap, but it's only about the level of a midrange wine. we'd all get a bottle of wine for a meal or for a gift, and it doesn't last as long as maple syrup. (and that's enough rationalizing for me! :)

                                just don't tell them you'll be putting it on pancakes or you might not get any.

                                1. My favorite New England maple syrup is actually made in New Hampshire. I found them (Fuller's Sugarhouse) when I was visiting relatives up in Lancaster, NH and have had them ship syrup to me a couple times a year since then. They ship and you can order online at www.fullerssugarhouse.com

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                                    Yumm, Fuller's maple cotton candy at the Lancaster (NH) Fair! Mmmmmm. . .

                                  2. Try the Vermont Country Store website. They have different grades of syrup, and bottles/tins that make a nice presentation, from cheap to not cheap.

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                                      The Vermon Country Store's website is best for viewing the wide variety of completely bizarre products they stock. It's sheer entertainment value cannot be underestimated.

                                    2. Not from Vermont, why is the origin important? Umm,....because that's the question that was posited? Quality maple syrup is available from from any number of family-run sugar houses across the North-East Quadrant, including The Canadian Maritimes. Vermont has earned cachet though a consistent product & great marketing. Maine has done an even better job with The Lobstah. We know it's all good, within reason. But if Aunt Louisa will be impressed, and more importantly delighted, with a bottle of "made in Vermont" what's the harm?

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                                        As a joke one year, I bought clearly labelled Ohio Maple syrup (in Ohio) and gave it to my father. It wasn't bad.

                                        My grandmother grew up with maple syrup as the major available sweetener (refined cane sugar was a needless luxury) and is still known to use maple syrup in her coffee. My father still asks for maple syrup to top his ice cream. In general, breakfast foods do well with grade B, other uses are better with lighter grade A (extra fancy) syrup.

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                                          Fill jar with walnuts.

                                          Then fill with maple syrup.

                                          Wait a week.

                                          Put on vanilla ice cream.

                                          Totally amazing.

                                      2. Trader Joes sells both A and B grade. I agree that it's far superior to the A grade, thicker, richer, and more maple tasting.

                                        Trader Joe's
                                        1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

                                        1. Where do you live? I know the Fruit Center Marketplace in East Milton Square carries a variety of maple syrup.

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                                            I fear the OP and midwest kin might have died of old age waiting for the reinvigoration of this thread, still clutching their log-cabin-shaped bottles. Or perhaps there was some terrible violent altercation at the final gift unwrapping. We may never know.