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Dec 8, 2006 07:18 PM

Fresh Pita, Ross's Bakery, Mediterranean take out?

I'm looking for a place to pick up some fresh pita and mezze for a gathering next week. I tried calling Ross's Bakery near Silver Ave and haven't been able to get an answer. Does anyone know if this place is still open?

I also read that Samiramis Imports on Mission near 25th has fresh pita on Mondays and Fridays, anyone tried this? I'm on the Mission/Bernal side of town and won't have time to drive out to Haig's after work. Any other ideas? I'm not such a fan of Ali Baba's and the place on 24th near Valencia. I've been staying away from GFC too b/c I've gotten dry chicken from them the last 2 or 3 times.

Thanks. C-

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  1. We get pita's made by Ross's Bakery at the local market. Not sure if they have an open to the public store.

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      Which market? Does it reheat well? Thanks.

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        We get ours at the Maik Pail Market in Mountain View. Their quite soft and fluffy with a slightly scone-like crumb, not your typical stale-naan-like pita. They make great pita chips, too.

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          And just for the record, I spotted fresh pita from Ross at Aladdin in San Mateo.

    2. The first time I noticed Ross pita was at the halal market on Geary near Jones.

      1. Parkside Farmer's Market carries this brand of pita as well as others. It is on Taraval Street at 16th Avenue in SF.

        1. Here's what I've found so far. I went to Samiramis Imports on Mission near 25th. I can't believe I've lived near this store for so long and never checked it out. They had frozen Ross pita but I went with fresh Hamati bread from a company that I think is called Aroma's. They're located in San Bruno and the ingredients consist of flour, yeast, thyme, oregano, and olive oil. They reheat well in the toaster oven and are pretty good, but still a little thicker than what I was looking for. The store also has a variety of other breads, sesame seed coated ring shaped breads, and round disks covered with different toppings, herbs, cheese, herb and tomato, etc. Good selection of canned goods, teas, and a decdent selection of spices. I didn't buy any spices so I can't comment on how fresh they are. They also have two different types of Armenian string cheese that they sell frozen. I asked if they ever sold it fresh and the guy said that he orders it from Canada, that it comes frozen, and that he might not sell enough of it to merit defrosting it. I also picked up some feta and frozen merguez sauages. Deffinitely a nice find for people on the Mission/Bernal side of town. There is also a very cute and friendly cat that helped me with my shopping.

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            If you're looking for thin pitas, you may not like Ross's, which are thicker than your average pita.

          2. The original comment has been removed