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Best Mussels on Smith and Court?

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OK, let's settle this: I'm talking classic French style.
The candidates:
Bar Tabac
Robin Des Bois

Thoughts? Anyone missing? We are going tonight...

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  1. I love the mussels at Bar Tabac. I've had their provencal sauce several times and it is lovely. I branched out with the dijon sauce last time and was disappointed. It overpowered the mussels and was simply too heavy for my taste. Sadly, I've not tried them at the other locations you mentioned ... but thinking of going to dinner tonight so that might change! (Love the steak tartare at Robin Des Bois).

    1. For me, Tabac.
      I've had them there for years.
      But I've only been to 3 of the 5.

      1. Okay, I know folks are going to laugh, but I really love the Vietnamese mussels at Cafe on Clinton. Always flavorful and aromatic. Perfect on a Winter day.

        There, I said it.

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        1. I'll make people laugh...Pacifico...love the mussels, but you have to beg for bread from neighboring Gravy to sop up all the good jalepeno infused coconut milk.

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          1. re: gaiadi

            Good things to say about Pacifico and Gravy in the same reply?
            Wow. You DID make me laugh.

          2. Yeah Bar Tabac kills it, I agree.
            Pacifico? Find it hard to believe...
            I'm sure Bouillabaisse 126 on Union has amazing Mussels,
            but it's a little too far in the cold.

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              probably worth the walk to Bouillabaisse as fish and seafood are their specialty. that said, although I've never had their mussles, IMO Quercy has the best classic french food in the hood, and I'd be suprised if their mussles didn't follow suit.

              1. re: jimmyjazz

                that was my thinking as well, but I haven't found anyone who has actually tried them there...

            2. Oh man, definitely Lunetta. For $10, you get a huge portion. Very very good. They also have good bread to dip in the sauce afterwards. Yum.

              1. One more for the Vietamesse Mussels over on Clinton.

                1. I love des Bois and LuLuc. The sauce on both is a bit creamy, and the mussels at de Bois have an abundance of garlic and little chopped onions which I love. I was walking past Luluc last night thinking how I wanted to pop in and grab a plate of mussels.

                  1. We went to Bar Tabac, and the mussels were....OK.
                    My wife MUCH prefers the mussels at Patois, we
                    have only been in the area 6 months, haven't had
                    a chance to hit all of the spots...
                    So far Patois is on top, with Robin De Bois in second,
                    and Bar Tabac a distant third... next up: Luluc and Quercy.

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                    1. re: kvn

                      Which version of their mussels did she order?
                      Will have to try Patois.

                    2. Bar Tabac mussels rock. The fries that come along with the huge order of sweet bivalves are crispy and well salted. I now have a craving!

                      1. I always thought the mussels at Bar Tabac were among the best I've ever had in the white wine/garlic sauce. In that neighborhood, my second place vote goes to Robin du Bois and then Patois.

                        1. I'm partial to Bacchus on Atlantic and Bond...

                          1. Bar Tabac mussels rule.... As a warning, stay far away from Pane e vino mussels.