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Dec 8, 2006 06:16 PM

Baking Needs

Anyone know any baking specialty stores in the GTA Area? Am thinking of baking for the holidays. I am particularly looking for icing ornaments. Thanks!

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    1. re: TheGloaming

      Wow!!! Thanks for the replies guys. I like the McCalls one, am going to visit them this weekend for sure. I went to bulk barn the other day as well and saw the sugar ornaments but didnt see much of icing decors. Thanks again!

    2. I always find what I need at Bulk Barn.

      1. Just came from Bulk Barn today and they had a wide range of sugar crystals, sprinkles, silver and gold balls, etc. Plus it's nice that you can buy just as much as or as little as you need.

        1. I have to say, I recently went to a bulk barn near my house after not going for a few years, and I think they have actually improved (it seemed cleaner, more organized?) - I would definitely go there first for my baking needs, and I can feel an addiction coming on :)

          1. The bulk store / coffee shop on the NE corner of Augusta and Baldwin (Kensington Market) has everything you could need. I usually pick up my chocolate from the Mexican dried goods places, and decorative items from the aforementioned shop.