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Dec 8, 2006 06:15 PM

Forschner Chefs Knife Edge Guard

I recently purchased a 10" Forschner chefs knife and unfortunately, the Messermeister edge guard that I bought to use with it doesn't quite fit due to the angle of the handle where it attaches to the blade. Since the handle ends at an almost 45 degree angle, I can't get the edge guard to cover the entire edge of the knife, so I have about a 2cm gap or so at the bottom of the knife. Not really a huge deal I guess but kind of annoying.

Does anyone know of an edge guard that fits this knife? I guess I could always try to cut mine, but knife guards are so cheap anyways I might as well just buy one that fits perfectly.

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  1. These are generic, but nice. Measure your blade and order the right one.

      1. re: UnConundrum

        I second this choice. It's low profile and effective.

        I have a whole mess of hard plastic ones similar to the chefdepot link above, but they don't work as well for some blades (my curved boning knife, slim filet knive, my meaty Japanese deba bocho) as the magnetic knifeguard ones.