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Prepared food shop in Seattle for New Year's Eve party?

Hello Seattle!

A New York Chowhound here. My family is decending upon Seattle for New Year's. We will be staying in a hotel (the Residence Inn in Downtown/Lake Union) with kitchenettes (microwave, toaster, sink, fridge) and would like to cater a new year's eve party for ourselves. We are a large crowd (15+) from all over the place, running the guantlet from toddlers to grandparents; but everyone tends to be a serious foodie. Any suggestions as to where we can buy (mostly) prepared food to serve for the party? I am thinking lots of different finger food, seeing as we have no stovetop or oven (besides the toaster). Bonus question: any reccoms for a good liquor store? We are planning on serving bubbly and making cocktails. We will have cars, so travelling is an option.

Thank you!

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  1. An assortment of Salumi from Armendino's Salumi

    Vietnamese fresh rolls from Tamarind Tree. Also coconut gelatin (in coconut shell), bonbon salad (or papaya or mango)

    A bucket of chili from World Class Chili in the Pike Market.

    An assortment of Gelato from Botega Italiana, Procopio, or Gelatiamo.

    Piroshky Piroshky
    1908 Pike Place
    Seattle, WA

    Café Besalu
    5909 24th Avenue NW
    Seattle, WA


    Ezell's fried chicken!

    Cioppino from Jack's Fish Spot

    1. A couple ideas come to mind: Tango is a great Latin/small plates restaurant not too far from you. They do catering and I'll bet could put some nice take-out finger food together. If you prefer French, consider Boat Street Cafe and Kitchen. It's a great restaurant, and they do both catering and "food to go" (see the website below, click on catering). On a very different note, there is a giant new Whole Foods near you, too, which would be okay for basic stuff (it is still a grocery, albeit a good one). They do "platters", etc. Salumi and Tamarind Tree are good ideas, too.


      I don't think I realized that there is a dearth of high quality, prepared foods type places in Seattle (not restaurants-I'm imagining you mean a place like Lenotre in Paris) until just now.

      Our liquor stores are state run, so there's not a lot of variation. The one downtown on 3rd seems to be a little more high end than many.

      1. Another option if you don't want to make too many stops is Cheesecake Factory; the avocado eggrolls, ahi tempura rolls, firecracker salmon rolls are all good finger food (lots of other options there in a more Tex-Mex vein etc) Their Bistro shrimp pasta is decent also. (if you get the ahi tempura rolls, check to make sure they haven't forgotten to tempura fry them) For something more substantial, you might also make a stop at Takohachi on Jackson east of 6th for some Japanese takeout (fried chicken (chicken karaage, not chicken katsu), "hamburg" steak, fried rice or rice w/ curry, etc.) PS i would suggest the dungeness crab/shrimp spring rolls at Monsoon but they don't travel well at all (get soggy by the time you get them home)

        1. This is definitely a car ride away, but maybe check out Porcella Urban Market in Bellevue: http://www.porcellaurbanmarket.com/in...

          Closer option, you can hit multiple vendors at Pike Place Market and create a lovely meal. Cheeses and meats from DeLaurenti's, smoked salmon from Jack's Fish Spot, anything from Beechers Hademade Cheese, bread from 3 Girls Bakery,

          1. Another recommendation to hit up the Market - I recommend you get some little toasts and fabrique delice truffle mousse from Delaurentis. Also, yes, cheeses, smoked salmon, meats, olives, breads, etc. from the various vendors.

            & don't forget the Vino!

            1. As a fellow New Yorker, I can tell you there aren't the great deli/take out food/catering venues here like there are in all the boroughs of NY, where you walk in and can order platters of salads, cold cuts, etc. Sigh. There are alot of private catering companies with no storefronts here.

              But...here are a few suggestions...

              Pasta & Co - located in the University Village and top of Queen Anne. They are a high-end Italian deli and can cater your entire party if you wish. Check out their website - http://www.pastaco.com/

              I think the new HUGE Whole Foods downtown (and very close to where you're staying) would do a very good job for your needs. They've hired an executive chef for catering. You could buy what you see or have them make up something special. Awesome selection.

              Uwajimaya in the ID - lots of great prepared Asian foods to go. Duck and BBQ pork by the pound.

              Green Leaf, also in the ID for Vietnamese apps - so good.

              Bavarian Meats in the Pike Place Market. Also DeLaurenti's in the market.

              A N.Y. style deli but way out in West Seattle - Eats Market Cafe. http://www.eatsmarket.com/

              Le Fournil is an excellent French Bakery/deli. I know they deliver, but you might check for catering. Great quiches, pates, and of course those pastries.

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                Bavarian Meats has THE BEST liverwurst I have ever tasted. I prefer it to some pate's I have had in the past. In the market alone, pick up some smoked salmon at City Fish, a few sausages next door, warm cashews, Di Leurenti cheeses and prociutto's, and some fresh crumpets for the next morning at the crumpet shop.

              2. Rejzacat, something specific is calling: Kau Kau barbecued meat shop. On King Street in the International district. The pork, the duck - by the pound - may be just right for the long drawn out hours of the new year's eye...pleasing to old and young alike. Warm. Sustaining. And it's always fun to venture to the ID.

                And then I keep thinking that a stop at the Dahlia Lounge bakery has a role in things as well. The little coconut cream pies. It's a party pie for sure. Enjoy.

                1. This is shaping up to be one heckuva party.
                  What's yer number??

                  1. So you have kitchenettes but no microwave or oven?! What kind of kitchenette is that?!

                    Another vote for Porcella, they cater also, and would probably do a whole roast for you if you wanted. Although I think it's getting a bit late to book a NYE caterer...

                    1. Wow. Thanks for all your great ideas and recommendations! If your comments are indicative of how good the food will be, I can't wait to get to Seattle.

                      Just to clarify, it turns out we DO have a stove. And I'll have to check with my in-laws before giving out the room number.

                      1. Close by is an excellent source of champagne, Pete's. It is a funky grocery store with narrow isles, but with excellent service.


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                          I second Pete's. The guys are wonderful there, the prices are some of the best on the west coast for a lot of domestic and many EU wines. When I am on a hunt for hard to find wines or a good price, Pete's is on my top five wine merchants list.

                        2. What a fabulous location to be on NYE! Make sure you have a room facing the space needle so you can see the fireworks. I'm jealous.

                          1. If your family is into sushi, you're right across Fairview from I Love Sushi. Their Bellevue branch is our favorite sushi place, and I believe the Seattle location also has the same fresh, high quality seafood. Their Catapillar Roll and Ebi (shrimp) tempura roll are fun visually as well as terrific to eat....and no raw fish in them if that's an issue.

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                              The Lake Union branch of I Love Sushi is (at least) as good as the Bellevue one. And they have lots of great cooked appetizers as well as sushi.

                              At first I thought your party sounded like a lot of trouble, but I like almost all the ideas here. The simplest delicious idea is Whole Foods, but there are lots of other great ideas too. (I'd pass on the Cheesecake Factory, though.)

                            2. Dish D'Lish at the market for good quality prepared dishes. Second the vote for cheese, though I prefer the cheesemonger across from the main arcade and Delaurenti's.

                              Kau Kau is a great idea, Janer!

                              But...If it were me...I'd keep it simple and sooo Seattle: I'd vote for crusty baguettes (Le Panier), fresh dungeness crab from the market (Pure Food), cheese, fruit, french ham and unsalted butter for the non-crab folk. Throw in a couple of bottles of crisp white wine - think an unseasonable Sancerre (Pike & Western Wine) with the crab and I'd hop a plane to join you. I miss Seattle and make it home far too seldom! - Though strangely enough, I will be joining friends in Seattle that same weekend and will be doing much the same thing downtown. Cheers!

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                                Dish D'Lish is no longer in the Public Market.

                                I like Uwajimaya and the fabulous Central Market for their variety of prepared foods, from the barbecue pork to wonderful shrimp pancakes, and even Chinese pastries. They've got it all for catering an international food feast.

                              2. On the liquor store question: The store south of Safeco Field, I think it's on 4th, tends to have a really good selection.

                                1. Get down to Big John's PFI, where you will find an amazing array of meats, cheeses, cookies, crackers, spreads, and all manner of tasty delicacies. On a good day, the staff will delight in the challenge.

                                  1. For liquor, the store on 4th S. by safeco field is the best one around(not saying much if you have lived elsewhere) and if you proceed 2 lights south to Lander will be Esquin wine. It is on the SE corner with parking on the east side of 4th. As for food, whole foods on the corner of Denny and Westlake should have all you could want for food either prepared or otherwise. For more of a budget you could go to any one of the Trader Joes in on Roosevelt, Capitol hill, or Queen Anne.

                                    1. I concur with the Porcella and Ezell's endorsements. Definitely worth checking these out!

                                      1. There is plenty of variety at Pike Place as already said, so that would be my choice, but I don't live there anymore. Unless the state liquor stores have gotten better I'd stear clear of them for wine. It's been a long time since I've lived there, so don't take what I say with much authority.

                                        As for Whole Foods, I stopped going once the Fairway in Red Hook opened. I never cared for it, or their prices, and I can't imagine it's any different in Seattle.

                                        1. Rezjacat, Some times it takes an out of towner to point out the obvious - your idea was such a good one, I just made a lakeside studio room reservation for two of us in the same hotel for New Year's Eve, with a special request for a fireworks view. I am not sure how or if the revamped Chowhound site allows for us to send or receive email messages (the old site had a way for us to leave our email addresses in the heading), but if you know how, you are certainly welcome to send a shout out. Maybe we can find each other by the tantalizing aromas and sound of popping champagne corks! Best wishes that your holiday travels go easily and the time with your family is memorable and fun.

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                                          1. re: Olympia Jane

                                            Olympia Jane, I am so happy to hear that we inspired you! We'll keep a lookout for you on NYE.

                                            And I would like to say again to all you Chowhounds - WOW. We are all so looking forward following up on all your leads (I definately see a trip to the Market and Pete's in my future). I will let you all know how it went. Happy Holidays, everyone!

                                          2. Definitely Pete's for your wine. As for food, I swear by Dish D'lish to wow your crowd. True, they are no longer at the Pike Place Market but they do have a catering outlet in Ballard where you can pick up your orders (72 hour notice):


                                            Enjoy your visit!

                                            1. When I used to work in downtown I'd go to a great place called Cucina Fresca in the Pike Place Market...Not sure if it's stil there, but they had great salads, sandwiches, finger foods, etc. The Famous Northwest Catering Company Cafe in Madison Park has a nice selection of catered foods for takeout as well.

                                              The Northwest Catering Cafe
                                              Arboretum Court
                                              3131 E. Madison Ave, Suite 101
                                              Seattle, WA 98112