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Dec 8, 2006 06:03 PM


Does anyone know about any good gourmet stores/markets in venice?


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  1. The Market Gourmet on Abbot Kinney Between Vernice and Washington.

    1. Robins Nest on N. Venice Blvd....depends what you need. Anything in particular?

      1. Just like regular but better quality items...from fresh herbs to porcini...etc.

        1. Yep, definitely check out Robin's Nest. They have freshly made tofu brought in every few days, some amazing sausages and salami's, as well as lamb and other meats, plus a lot of traditional items. They also have breads from Bread Bar, as well as espresso.

          1. For fresh produce and herbs, you should check out the many farmer's markets in that area, especially the Wednesday Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. There is one in Venice on Fridays. Here's a link to the farmer's markets in the area: