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Osteria La Buca?

Haven't been to La Buca since they enlarged the space, and just wondering how everything is now that the restaurant has changed? We used to love this place, and just want to make sure it is the same quality, etc. Also, any recs???

Thanks Chowhounds!!

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  1. Don't think the remodel is finished based on a drive-by within the past week or so.

    1. So the expansion has finally happened? I'd also be curious to see if their early standards have been maintained. La Buca used to be just about my favorite Italian place in town before the secret got out, and then the subsequent crowds and uneven quality put me off it a bit.

      1. I am going tonight and will report back on whether or not the expansion has happened. Sounds like it has not yet! Hopefully when it does happen, it won't change things a bit.

        1. I was driving home on Melrose Sunday night and it definitely was not open then. It may have opened in the last couple of days, but as of Sunday, the addition was still boarded up, although the original La Buca space was open.

          1. I drive by La Buca almost every day and the barrier was still up as of last night.

            1. I ate there within the last week and it wasn't opened up, didn't even look close.

              ETA: While I absolutely love this place, the last two times there were a couple hitches. I find that when this place is on, it's as good as anywhere I ate in Italy. The last two times either the pasta was undercooked, sauce not seasoned well, and sauce/noodle ratio was off. Not that this will affect me going in the future ;p
              I'd go back just for that goddamned tiramisu.

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                Was Filippo's mother cooking the last few times you were there? There's a noticeable drop-off in quality when she's not in the kitchen. When she's there, it's reliably stellar.

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                  Should we call ahead to see if she's there?

              2. We were there last week and were told that they're hoping to have the expansion completed in February, but I think that's a fingers-crossed estimate. They do have a brand new sign though, which they were very excited about. Food was excellent, as usual, but we also make a point to order off the specials menu each time we go.

                1. Went last night. . . . . word is that they are hoping to open the expansion in February, but it sounded like they weren't too sure. Also, dinner was incredible as always! Can't wait to go back already. . .

                  1. Yeah, I ate there Friday night - mama's pasta was amazing as usual.