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any good places to get a quick meal by brooklyn law school?

Hi - I go to Brooklyn Law School which is b/w Brooklyn Heights and the Fulton Mall. When I want to grab a quick bite to carry back to school when studying for finals, I find that my choices are rather limited. It's weird, there are tons of places to eat around there but the food is remarkably mediocre. There's the Heights Cafe which is terrible, Court Order, Garden of Eden, etc., tons of places but everywhere lacking.

If you have any suggestions for good affordable salad, sandwiches, etc. places, please let me know. Thank you.

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  1. Walk a few blocks south to Atlantic Avenue and you have many possibilities: Sahadi's is probably your best 1-stop-shop. The back left side of the store has ready-made stuff (hummus, baba, grape leaves, and all sorts of salads and other good things). You can also buy cheese, bread, and various spreads in the store to take back to school w/ you. For dessert, go to any of the Middle Eastern bakeries nearby (for pita, go to Damascus, which also sells good stuffed breads that are a meal in themselves) or for something healthier, try the produce store (can't remember what it's called) next to Sahadi's. Good luck on your exams!

    1. Victory Cafe on State and Hoyt.
      Soul Spot on Atlantic just north of Smith.
      You could go to the takeout food counter at Perelandra market on Remsen Street, off Court.

      1. Zams for tossed salads and paninis.

        1. It's terribly inauthentic and most people will probably disagree, but I like the lunch special at Andy's--a chinese place further down that same street Garden of Eden is on (Montague?). It's only $5 and comes with soup and a glass of iced tea from a mix. Something about it reminds me of a place my mom would take me to after hebrew school. They actually have a pretty good roast pork bun there, too.

          1. Decent Chinese on Montague is at Lichee Nut (SW corner of Montague and Clinton - just beyond R train entrance). Their sinapore mei fun has okay flavor, though sometimes a tad dry. Soups are nice. Very simple, good prices (also deliver).

            Lemongrass Grill has a location further south on Court. Always pleased with their service and quality. Lovely decor too.

            Mexicali on Court and Atlantic is good. People have complained, but coming from Texas it is pretty solid for Mexican in NY. Check out the nopalitas.

            1. Welcome--I graduated from Bklyn Law. Good luck on your exams.

              I've worked in DT Bklyn for almost my entire professional life. Bklyn Hts is a dead zone for food. There's no real "chow" there. It's always been that way, and I don't think it will ever improve. All the serious spots are in Boerum Hill (Smith Street) or Cobble Hill (Court Street)--I think the inflated rents on Montague guarantee that the places that open focus on alcohol sales rather than serious food.

              Sorry for the bleak response, but that's how it is.


              1. Surprised no one mentioned Lassen and Hennings on Montegue (either between Clinton/Henry or Henry/Hicks, I can't remember).

                It might be out of budget range, but worth checking out their sandwich offerings.

                Good luck!

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                  thanks guys for the responses. i have checked out zams (great place). for anyone else in the same dilemma, one other place that's pretty good is, despite its cheesy name ;) - la bagel delite on court and schermerhorn. good sandwiches, huge too - one could be 2 meals easy. i'll check out the rest you guys have suggested, good to mix it up, especially if i haven't been too pleased with what i've experienced. strange that this area has such potential but so many misses. one other suggestion for a sit-down place - henry's end on henry and cranberry. a little $$$ but worth every penny. thanks again!

                2. On Lawrence St you also have Justin's Carribean for tasty rotis -- and Souvlaki Cafe for a good gyro.

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                    second justin's. doubles and ginger beer for me, please.

                  2. I graduated from BLS too, but now I live in Los Angeles. Is that Polish place still around? It used to be at the end of Montague. There also used to be a good pressed sandwich place on Fulton.

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                      Theresa's is still there, with the same surly waitresses and the same long lines for sidewalk seating, but also the same great bigos and blintzes.