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Do YOU eat the rind on Brie?

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I've had Brie in the past and at the whole piece I was given and enjoyed it very much. I recently bought a $6 or so Brie at Trader Joe's and after heating up, the middle was very good but the rind was kind of bitter, or off tasting.

Was I a chump for eating the rind at all, or are some rinds better than others?



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  1. I don't. husband does. just a matter of taste, I'd say.

          1. I used to chew the rind, but now I eschew the rind on brie.

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            1. Yes, but not always. Usually, if the cheese is good (properly ripe), the rind is also good.

              1. I do, but not separately, as part of a long slice of the brie that includes the yielding softness of the center for a contrasts in tastes and textures. Ummmm, brie.... Have you tried heating it gently in an oven so it goes melty?

                1. I used to eat the rid with the brie attached but I don't prefer it that way anymore

                  1. I love the rind. I wish I could buy just the rind (at a discounted price, of course).

                    1. When I first started, I didn't like it... now I love it in equal proportions with the gooey stuff.

                      Though I strongly dislike brie that's been in an oven...

                      My favorite TJ's type is Supreme Brie. yum.

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                        TJ's Brie Supreme rocks! A gunk of this brie on a TJ's pepper and poppyseed water cracker w/ a small dollop of jam. Whoa.

                      2. Yes, it's the best part. I eat all kinds of rinds even moldy muddy ones. I even cut off the rind (especially from harder cheeses) from the whole block and eat just the rind, leaving the rest for my BF - he doesn't care.

                        1. Although i like the inside better I do eat the rind mainly to get every bit of the gooey center on my tongue.

                          1. Yes I too like the rind, I used to throw it away until I learned you could indeed eat it. Tasty!

                            1. Definitely! It enhances the taste and texture. I think you're missing out if you don't eat the rind of double cremes (brie, camembert, etc) and triple cremes (st. andre etc).

                                1. Yes! It's what gives Brie it's character. That being said it does vary quite a bit by Brand and type. I have indeed had Brie that wasn't very good.
                                  I also notice that baking the Brie does change the way you eat the rind and therefore affects the ratio as well. But it is yummy with a crusty baguette!
                                  Personally I say if you're not going to eat the rind don't waste your money buying Brie! I my house if someone says they don't like rind then usually I don't serve it.
                                  Room temperature and thin slices (pie shaped) is the way to go!

                                    1. I taste it and then decide.

                                        1. Of course I eat the rind! If it tastes bad, there's something wrong with the whole cheese.

                                            1. i eat it, but i've been pretty disappointed in trader joe's brie.

                                                1. This brings up a cheese-etiquette issue that's been eating at me (yuk, yuk). The center of most quality, aged cheeses has a decidedly different texture and taste than the parts nearer the outside. It seems to me that, especially at a party or gathering, one should try to take servings that include a bit of each, rather than (say) gouging out one's favorite part. This especially annoys me when it's a lovely blue cheese where the center is especially nice and moldy. Am I wrong to expect others to do the same?

                                                  Oh, and the rind? Definitely, if it's good brie.

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                                                      Ooh, someone did that at our work pot luck recently. I was kind of appalled to watch someone scoop out "the good part" of the brie and leave rest behind. It seemed like pulling the filling out of a sandwich and leaving the bread on the tray.

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                                                        I was helping out in someone's small office a few years ago. Everyone was hooked on sweets and there were always cookies and stuff being brought in. I'm not a sweet eater so one day I brought pate', brie, grapes and crackers. One of the women started scooping out the inside of the brie and, as the *bringer*, I said oooh, noooo, you have to eat it all :) In, of course, THE sweetest voice. So she did and discovered, son of a gun, she LIKED it :) Sometimes if I have a teeny bit of a soft cheese left I will micro it for us and put on some crackers. I put the rind on also. Mmmm.

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                                                          Yes, there is definitely an etiquette in place when self-serving cheese, to leave as equally as possible the various parts to other people! At least the French do. And how you're supposed to cut your serving depends on the cheese of course. For Brie you would cut a wedge like you would a pie, like how someone else mentioned. For Morbier, for example (where the prized part is the layer of ash running through it), you would cut a slanted slice across the line of ash, so that everyone can get some of each of the rind, the ash and the pate.

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                                                            That's the polite thing to do...but I admit that when I come across this I think *SCORE* and take the extra rind with my slice. YUM.

                                                          2. I'll eat it if it's baked, but otherwise I won't eat it.

                                                            1. Stay away from Trader Joe and get yurself a real Brie from France. The difference is amazing. Many companies now ship cheese at it's perfect best if you don't have a quality cheese purveyor near you.

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                                                                *Real* Brie (that is, the Brie made from raw milk and aged for less than 60 days) is (stupidly) illegal in the US and only available on a bootleg basis.

                                                              2. I aksed the same thing about goat's cheese once and it does seem to be a presonal preference. Apparently, the soft, papery type of rind is edible.

                                                                I don't eat it, but then I don't eat Brie either . . . UNLESS, it's it in omlette or French Toast.


                                                                  1. 1) of course I eat the rind, not enough flavor if you don't

                                                                    2) of course some bries are better than others, just like anything else.

                                                                    1. Nope, I don't eat it, I think it tastes awful. But I like the soft inside part. And I enjoy the inside enough that it doesn't feel like I shouldn't bother or like I'm wasting money on the brie. But, I'll add that I would never, ever just take the soft part if I was outside of my own house. I would just take a whole piece and choke it down.

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                                                                        1. re: CookingGirl

                                                                          I'll choke it down, too, but dang it's difficult. The texture of the rind registers on my brain as "Not food."

                                                                        2. If the rind was off-tasting, the cheese might have been bad. I've had that problem with soft cheeses from Trader Joe's too. Did it have an ammonia-like flavor? If so, it was bad.

                                                                          I love the rind, personally, unless it's taken a turn for the worse as yours may have.

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                                                                          1. re: chompy

                                                                            Technically, that's called Brie that's overripe. Brie, when it's overripe turns a brownish color with a gummy rind and smells like ammonia. Brie should be a little springy when you touch it with your finger. If it's hard, it's underripe. There's alot of information about Beie at:


                                                                          2. Belletoile triple cream is one of the best brie's I've tried! And yes, definitely eat the rind, it's delicious!

                                                                            1. I like the rind, but if it tasted odd, or wasn't good to my palate, I wouldn't eat it.

                                                                              Don't eat things you don't like. :)

                                                                              1. There are some which advertise an "edible rind" but generally, I take it as a given that it's edible. I couldn't be bothered with messing about with it anyway.

                                                                                So yes I eat it, yes you're supposed to, but I guess sometimes it might not taste nice. Just buy brie elsewhere :D

                                                                                1. I recently had a Brie with truffle (regular Brie with tiny bits of truffle throughout). Was formally a truffle virgin. I skipped the rind because it overpowered the great flavor of the middle.

                                                                                  In general though, I am kind of trying to like the rind, which sounds silly to me on one hand. On the other hand, I didn't really like beer, coffee, bleu cheese, asparagus... many things, the first time I tasted them. But I love all of those now. If I initially don't like something, I will not eat it... for a year, maybe. Then I give it another go. Some things I never come to appreciate (capers). Others have become some of my favorites.