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Dec 8, 2006 05:24 PM

U Burger today

It was excellent as always. $7.62 buys you a combo of burgers, fries and soda. The order of fries is huge (certainly enough to share, but you might not want to, cause they are so freakin' good), and it looks like there are free refills on your large soda.

One caveat: a few posters had mentioned previously that you could order your burger the way you like it cooked, M, MR, etc. When I asked today the guy at the register said "we cook all our burgers Medium Well." Looks like the burger police have been there. Still a good burger, but I think if it was cooked a little less it'd be a tad more juicy and flavorful. Oh well.

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  1. are you kidding? medium effin' well? that is SOOOOOO sad. and just about as i was planning to go this weekend with the kiddo.

    1. What the hell. Last time I was there the guy specifically said I could ask for it cooked to order. Must have been some sort of crackdown...unbelievable.

      1. Well, it's still good with extra spread and extra pickles!

        1. I don't quite get it. I mean, I know the big chains all say MW only, but I thought that was 'cause they were guided by "corporate policy" and it's not worth it for them to take the "risk." But 1-restaurant operation Uburger? Someone must have scared them into the "MW-only" policy. Not sure.

          FWIW, the burger was still good. The fries, however, I believe are the best things on the menu. They're a work of beauty, really. Thinly hand-cut with the pieces of potato skin still on 'em. Cooked to order and when you get 'em, they're HOT. Haven't been sitting under a heat lamp for who-knows-how-long, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. The ones I got today were literally glistening with oil. Mmmmmmmm. I could make a lunch outta those fries, seriously.

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          1. re: twentyoystahs

            I have made a lunch out of those fries. Utterly fantastic.

            Have you tried the onion rings? They're light and delicate, not something heavy. The batter is very crispy and light, and you can actually tell there's onion in there!

          2. That sucks. They'll be riding the "we cook burgers to order" publicity from the Globe and elsewhere for months, while in reality they're turning out the dry pucks you get anywhere else. Is there a single quick-service/fast-food joint in the whole city that cooks burgers to order?