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Dec 8, 2006 05:03 PM

Prime Rib Christmas Dinner: Where to Buy the Prime Rib?

Instead of the usual turkey or ham Christmas dinner, I was thinking of going prime rib and side dishes. I wanted to seek out suggestions on where to buy quality prime rib in the Torrance-ish area, both uncooked and precooked prime rib. Whole Foods? Costco? Bristol Farms? Or elsewhere?

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  1. I've used prime rib from Costco and they've always come out excellent. Obviously you could go to a higher end butcher shop and get better quality, but IMHO the higher price doesn't justify the marginally better quality.

    Costco's got great value on meat.

    1. I always get mone from How's. They have great prime meats at a great price.

      There is one in Torrance:
      4848 West 190th Street
      (310) 793-9114

      1. I have very good results with Costco's Prime Rib, both pricing and quality.

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          Me too. Costco, but go early because they sometime run out around the holidays. My mom had to settle for the last two racks of lamb for Thanksgiving.

        2. I would recommend THE FARMS in Santa Monica on Montana (at about 20th street). OR, Whole Foods on Wilshire, also in Santa Monica... both are always good.

          1. The prime rib at Marconda's Meats at the Farmer's market (3rd and Fairfax) is terrific.
            IMO worth the extra $, especially for a holiday meal. Call in order early if you want it aged.