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Prime Rib Christmas Dinner: Where to Buy the Prime Rib?

Instead of the usual turkey or ham Christmas dinner, I was thinking of going prime rib and side dishes. I wanted to seek out suggestions on where to buy quality prime rib in the Torrance-ish area, both uncooked and precooked prime rib. Whole Foods? Costco? Bristol Farms? Or elsewhere?

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  1. I've used prime rib from Costco and they've always come out excellent. Obviously you could go to a higher end butcher shop and get better quality, but IMHO the higher price doesn't justify the marginally better quality.

    Costco's got great value on meat.

    1. I always get mone from How's. They have great prime meats at a great price.

      There is one in Torrance:
      4848 West 190th Street
      (310) 793-9114

      1. I have very good results with Costco's Prime Rib, both pricing and quality.

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          Me too. Costco, but go early because they sometime run out around the holidays. My mom had to settle for the last two racks of lamb for Thanksgiving.

        2. I would recommend THE FARMS in Santa Monica on Montana (at about 20th street). OR, Whole Foods on Wilshire, also in Santa Monica... both are always good.

          1. The prime rib at Marconda's Meats at the Farmer's market (3rd and Fairfax) is terrific.
            IMO worth the extra $, especially for a holiday meal. Call in order early if you want it aged.

            1. HOWS for sure. They will probably run their annual special the week before, where you can get their Golden Lion prime rib roast for about $5.99/pound (and yes, it is genuine USDA PRIME) when you buy about $35 worth of groceries (not including the meat). It's a fabulous roast, especially when you consider the price. The only downside is that it's not dry aged; you'll have to go elsewhere for that.

              1. Hows market is probably the best especially if it is on sale. Next best for the price is Costco.

                1. Thanks so much for all these great suggestions! I'm leaning to Costco, because that is where I shop the most. Curiously, I have yet to purchase meat from Costco, in spite of shopping there for years. Everything there is such good quality, though, so...

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                    Then you're missing a great source. Costco has an excellent quality of meat (choice) year round but during the holiday season they get prime quality.

                  2. This many replies and no one has yet mentioned the *King of Meat*... Harvey Guss?

                    Dry Aged, gorgeous beefy greatness.

                    1. I don't live in your area but see what a local butcher has to offer. Last year I went to a local independently owned butcher shop and never asked price etc. just ordered what I wanted, 4 ribs from the small end and when I picked it up nearly fainted at the price. But, always a but! It was the best prime rib I have ever made. It came out prefectly and the flavor was wonderful then meat meltingly tender adn worth every penny. Guess where I am going tomorrow to order my rib roast?

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                          As I said I don't live in the LA area. I line in Bloomington, IN and my shop is the Butcher Block. Look for a really good independent butcher shop and request nicely that it is really important to you that you get the best rib roast possible. Most of the US beef is processed in the Mid-West, and our butchers are getting their meat from those sources. Locally independent butcher shops can be choosier and independent of where "corporate" makes deals with processors. Go to the little guy. We need to support them and in doing so we get the better stuff.

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                          I haven't lived in LA very long, but I think the closest to this description would be How's for us (at least in my corner of LA)

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                            I had the same experience. I was in South Lake Tahoe and I went to the recommended butcher in the area. Normally I go to Safeway, they have their Choice Prime Rib for $5.99 around the holidays. But I wanted to support the local business and figured if it was twice as much as normal, that'd be fine. I too was shocked when my 5 rib roast came out to $250!!! (Normally, I pay 60-80). It came out great... perfect really. But, in all honesty, this Prime prime rib was a 9.5, the safeway one is an 8.5 or 9. I think for the value, I'm sticking with the supermarket.

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                              this is why I stopped going to local butchers - cannot justify the price increase when costco is almost there for a fraction of the price.

                          2. Last year Costco's Prime Ribs were so fatty I couldn't imagine cooking it. I went to Gelson's a bought one instead. If you buy it at Costco, be prepared to trim like crazy.

                            1. I tried How's prime grade prime rib this year for Thanksgiving, and wasn't too impressed. The meat near the bone and on the top part of the roast had a lot of flavor and was tender, but the rest was kind of bland.

                              I liked the roast I got at Bristol Farms several years back a lot better. Seems more tender throughout and I am pretty sure it was not prime grade.

                              Cooked them both the same exact method too.

                              Costco's meat is decent for normal cooking (use their tri-tip strips for basic ground beef and stew meat), and I haven't tried their prime rib, but doesn't strike me as something very special.

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                                Saw a Bristol Farms ad today for Prime Rib..only...ONLY...they described it as choice grade. I always thought Prime Rib meant it was prime...and otherwise it was called a standing rib roast. Not anymore. While I only make this once a year at best...I am going for Prime Prime rib...not choice! Which means Gelsons or Farmer's Market or some other truly fabulous butcher! I don't look for a bargain when taking this on, but simply the most fabulous meat I can find.

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                                  Well....years ago when a food magazine was interviewing chefs about where they source ingredients...Julia Child's was asked where she got her meat. She said she liked the quality of meat at Costco. That's a pretty good endorsement in my book. If you want to go high end.....McCalls in Los Feliz, Lindy & Grundy on Fairfax.

                                2. the best standing rib roast i found was from Doheny Meat on Pico. It is trully the best. i have tried from whole foods, Bel-Air market and Bristol Farms and the one from Doheny is far superior.

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                                    Are you referring to Doheny Kosher Meat, or is there another butcher shop close by?


                                    1. Costco has excellent meat and I just got boneless Prime at the Westlake store last week. I wish they had had bone in but I could live with boneless for the price. They also had the whole tenderloin cryo packed. It was also Prime.

                                      1. Been buying my rib eye roasts from Costco for years now. I tend to have large parties (and cook) so I go for the boneless - easy to cook and serve. Very happy with it.

                                        Just tried a prime rib eye steak from Ralphs. With the discount card - still paid TWICE as much as Costco (though Costco's isn't prime) and to be honest with you - it didn't seem any better. (then again, when I do the big roast I season it overnight and it packs a good punch in flavor).

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                                          Check again. Costco doesn't carry Prime through the year but they do for the holidays. That isn't to say they may not be sold out even when they're ordering it. But look for it at least.

                                          The Costco in Westlake had it last week.

                                        2. The best of the best would likely be Harvey's Guss Meat in Bev Hills. Dry aged. He's highly regarded by the better chefs in town. And for good reason.

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                                            Second Harvey Guss - mine is already ordered for Christmas.

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                                              Vicente Foods sells a magnificent Prime Rib.

                                          2. If you enjoy prime rib at Lawry's, I believe they will now sell whole, raw prime ribs to the public. I would call the Beverly HIlls location on La Cienega to confirm.

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                                                  I love it too but it will probably cost you a fortune.