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suggestions for the best mail order xmas food gifts

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other than harry and david

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  1. Im not sure what kind of food gift you are looking for as you can order practically anything these days. If you are in search of a nice gift basket I like the ones from Dean and Deluca. They have a large assortment online in various price ranges.

    1. igourmet and some other websites have things like a cheese of the month club, wine of the month club, where they send you a sampler of items every month. This is kind of fun, because you don't just get one surprise, you get a surprise a whole bunch of times. You can just google "cheese of the month club," and you will get several hits. I gave the cheese one from igourmet as a gift, and they really enjoyed it.

      1. a spice wardrobe from penzeys.com makes a great gift for a cook...also tea vendors like uptontea.com, harney.com & specialteas.com offer excellent gift suggections...