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donut man glendora - what's good?

I'll be in San Dimas early Saturday morning and a friend at work pointed out that the Donut Man in Glendora is near by.

Since it's not peach or strawberry season, does anyone have recommendations for other good donuts there?


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  1. Get the strawberry anyway. He somehow manages to get good ones year round.

    1. The Apple... any of of the stuffed, even his 'regular' donuts are EXCELLENT... :)


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      1. re: Dommy

        Thanks for the tips - I'll report back!

        1. re: ks in la

          Creme-filled (bismarks they're called, I think). Don't leave without them.

      2. Are they open 24 hours on Friday as well? Heh, I'm thinking of making a trip tonight.

        1. They're open 24 hours all week

          I like the apple fritters, too.

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            wow, this is a must then. open 24 hours, yes!

          2. Just got back. We had their pumpkin cheesecake donut, a bavarian cream, a couple of cake donuts and a chocolate bar. Overall, the bavarian creme was the favorite, although they were all fresh and delicious. I can't wait to try the fruit donuts when they are back in season.

            1. Wow - that's some donut stand. I don't think I've ever seen such a huge and creative variety. I was stumped about what to order and didn't even realize there was a whole case on the other side of the order windows.

              I ended up getting the apple fritter. They are my fav. donut ever and the version at donut man was so huge (and much rounder than I've ever seen, usually the fritters I get are more disk like), I couldn't resist. It was like a HULK version of the apple fritter.

              It was a little doughy in the center, but all that gorgeous dark brown, crunchy/chewy outer surface was so amazing. I had half yesterday and half reheated this morning and I'd say it held up pretty well!

              1. My fave at the Donut Man is the buttermilk. Simply awesome -- it's a fork and knife endeavor.

                1. damn it...i've got to make a 2 am donut man run tonight...last two visits were not too encouraging ( i would probably bow down to the place if i was a fan of fruit donuts ) but the mention of the bavarian and the pumpkin cheesecake ...the juices are flowin' !!! have not been to donut man in months and it's one of the closest d-shops to me !!

                  i tried primo's last week so it will be fun to make the comparison.


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                    Definitely report back on what you think. Primos is one of my two regular donut haunts (the apple fritters at Spudnuts on Venice rule though). The difference between Primos and the Donut Man couldn't be more marked considering they are both physically small & high quality.

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                      went to donut man about a 1/2 ago ....let me ask - how many donut places are open at 9:00 pm and they have 4 employees working away ?!?!? i'm no donut shop expert but i doubt too many "mom and pop " places do.

                      i ordered a tiger tail, a buttermilk, bavarian, i didn't see the pumpkin so i asked about it...the guy said they were making a batch - he yelled back a the guy to hurry up and make me one. it was funny, the guy started filling the donuts and he brought a special one just for me...the way he carried it over... like a work of art !!! i also liked that when the server looked at the bavarian cream donuts...he decided they were too old and he pulled a fresh one off the rack.

                      for some reason i got the tiger tail even though past experiences have not been positive ...i'm glad i did...it was so damn fresh, so full of flavor...i'm embarassed to say i ate the whole damn thing while driving home...not good because i planned to take a piece of each then share with the family.

                      got home poured a large glass of milk, reminded myself that i worked out twice today in order to enjoy this indulgence, took a hunk of the buttermilk - it was not the freshest of the bunch but it had good flavor...tried to decide which was better primos or donut man...i think i give a slight nod to primos...but very slight. the next taste was the bavarian...it is jam packed with cream...excellent...the pumpkin/bavarian was next...the donut...so fresh, the cream , very rich and strong pumpkin flavor...to me, it was more of a dessert then a doughnut.......very, very rich ! i liked it...you might need coffee for this one instead of milk, but the milk also worked. price for all 4...$4.55.

                      it's hard for me to compare primos to donut man - i think donut man does more volume, has a larger selection of donuts and thus, more variety. i think they both take pride in their product ...it just blows my mind where donut man is located - not exactly the mecca for artisan food...even the good 'ol donut !!! but hey, it's close to my home so i am very thankful !!

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                        Your post just summed it up SO perfectly. I too was in AWE of the quality and care they took of their product. :) To me it was a perfect example of the reason why Chowhound was created, to find something so sublime, in a place no one would ever guess... :)


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                          I guess I don't get it. Maybe we visited at the wrong time (2PM Saturday), but I don't see why this place got so much rave.

                          Got the famed strawberry donut and also one chocolate glazed. Both were unremarkable. There's just too much sugar on the strawberry donut - the donut itself is glazed, and the not-so-ripe strawberries were covered with a sickening gloop of what tasted like sweet red glue. The donut itself was kind of chewy, not the so-fluffy stuff that's fresh.

                          Anyway, after that I ended up visiting my neighbor donut shops over the next few weeks and concluded that the Donut Man is no better than my neighborhood donut shops, and that I can make a better strawberry donut myself by just buying some farmer market fresh strawberries, heap it with sugar & honey, and just sticking it into a regular round donut (preferably stuffed with either whipped cream or custard).

                    2. "to me, it was more of a dessert then a doughnut..."


                      Is there really a difference? :-)

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                        Where can I find this donut man? My tummy is rumbling...

                        1. re: melissalf04

                          915 East Alosta Ave. (aka Route 66)
                          (626) 335-9111

                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              Thanks for the address... just discovered via Mapquest that it's only about 20 minutes away during non-rush hour! The donuts sound incredible...can't wait to try them even though I'm on Weight Watchers right now. There's got to be a way to fit one in.....

                              1. re: onebite

                                it's probably like 10 points per donut. just don't eat for a day. or eat nothing that day and have 2 donuts. 20 pts. workout for like an hour so you can get that -1-3 points.

                                have fun.

                                1. re: phant0omx

                                  Maybe I'll save my 35 points for a week and splurge on a couple of donuts at the end of the week.

                                  1. re: onebite

                                    Live a little. It's just a donut!

                                    One, or two, or three or four ... won't kill you.

                                    I'm living proof of that.


                                    1. re: ipsedixit

                                      I totally agree. I'm more than willing to indulge in a couple donuts (I usually don't want more than two). I just want to plan it out, so I can feel completely great about the experience.