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Dec 8, 2006 04:48 PM

BEST corn and blueberry muffin in Philly?

Please help! What is the best corn and blueberry muffin in Philly???

Thank you....

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  1. Pink Rose at 4th/Bainbridge has a pretty bitchin blueberry muffin- not too sweet, rich but not heavy. YUM.

    1. Sweet Jazmines Pastry Shop in Berwyn has the most delicious blueberry lemon muffins and corn muffins with a light honey glaze. The corn muffins actaully have fresh sweet white corn mixed into the muffin. WOW. And if you like sweet potato muffins give those a try.

      1. Blue in Green on 12th and Chestnut. They have an awesome blueberry muffin, and a blueberry corn muffin that is really good too. Also, homemade croissants and apple and guava turnovers.

        1. I'd try Le Bus (18th and Sansom), they have amazing breakfast pastries. Thank you.

          1. I'm old fashioned - I like the muffins at Kaplans @900 (?) N 3rd street

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              i have never had the muffins at kaplan's.....the bread, yum! the hammentaschen, yum! but never the muffins. i must rectify this lapse this weekend!

              1. re: Bigley9

                bigley - thank you for saying that kaplan's has muffins! i went on saturday with my sister and we bought three, corn, banana walnut and a cream cheese muffin. all were delicious and only $1.25 each. yum! my favie was the cream cheese, my sister the corn and my bf the banana walnut, so all parties were satisfied!

                i love that place, crabby patties and all!

                1. re: mazza3

                  Not being a big sweet eater I love the cream cheese muffins too! Every now and then they have small muffins that are lemon and raspberry that are amazing - haven't seen them in awhile though and you are right - forget trying to ask the crabbie patties! I have gotten bread there for years but started getting the muffins when my rescue dog needed to go to day care (across the street) - the muffins smoothed my sometimes late arrival to the office!