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Dec 8, 2006 04:30 PM

What to order at Joan's on Third

I am going here for lunch on Sunday - what are the best things to order - for lunch and dessert?


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  1. I'm a big fan of their beet salad. Also, I like their cupcakes -- much better than Sprinkles IMO. Those are my favorites, but I should be clear that everything I've eaten here has been top notch.

    1. We order delivery from there often; I like the thinly-sliced mortadella sandwich, the ham & brie sandwich or the chicken salad sandwich on a baguette.

      1. The mortadella sandwich is very good, especially without the mustard and the crusty roll. The chocolate peanut butter cupcakes are usually freshly based (the others often aren't) and tasty.

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          I love Joan's - we used to live behind it and I went all the time. My all time favorite was the prosciutto sandwich on baguette, though I never had anything I didn't like (we also would order the tuna sandwich, the mac n cheese, the trio of salads, the soups, and the turkey meatloaf, but only cold and light on the sauce). I also agree re the cupcakes, but only the ones with filling (chocolate w/ cream or the chocolate peanut butter). Avoid the coconut and those with choc and vanilla sprinkles - they were always stale (or maybe just dry?) when I ordered them.

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            I second pretty much everything you just said! I waver between the prosciutto w/mozz and chicken salad sandwiches, though I prefer them on the round roll (I find the baguette a little dry for my taste). I adore the mac n cheese and everything from the salad case is always good (you can ask to sample them if you're having a hard time deciding). The goat cheese salad is pretty good too.

            Personally, I stopped ordering the cupcakes b/c I always found them to be dry, but maybe I just need to get the ones with filling? I'll try that next time! Their caramel dipped marshmallows are also really good. Yumm....talking about this is making me hungry! Think I'll have to take a trip this weekend!

        2. My personal favorite there is their lentil salad. It's always so rich, nutty and flavorful without being too overwhelmingly saucy. And yes, I'll just add my kudos on their cupcakes, which are fantastic indeed. Sandwiches really can't be beat, particularly their tuna!

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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!! I am going to have a hard time deciding, but good thing my husband likes to share!

          2. I always get the trio of salads, and I particularly like the butter beans. Having said that, the soups are always really good too. The marshmallow chocolate cupcakes are pretty delicious, they also have this buttermilk berry biscuit thing that has lots of fresh berries and is really really good (ask them to heat it up!). Pesto salmon is also nice if you want something more substantial.

            I've never tried the mac and cheese, but I hear it's pretty decadent and delicious.

            Also, their espresso drinks are quite good, both hot and iced.

            And my very favorite thing there, is the chocolate bouchon, which I gushed about here: