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The great tamale hunt (Dal)

Did a search but I'd like to get opinions on tamales available from Tex-Mex places you like. I only need about 3-4 dozen. I prefer tamales that don't have too much masa. Thanks.

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  1. I used to get them at Luna's when I lived there. I liked 'em. And they have a cool sign:


    It's downtownish.

    1. Second Luna's. I'd call ahead and make sure they set aside what you want.

      1. I also like Aparicios's in Plano on 18th street.

        1. La Popular on Columbia Avenue in east Dallas has long been known for its tamales.

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              Ain't NOTHIN' wrong with La Popular! Make 'em hook ya up with the green as well as the red sauce!

            2. Thanks for the replies. I don't work too far from Luna's and they are open until 6 pm. Might check them out today.

              1. Update: I split a dozen pork tamales from Luna's with a friend to try them out. Of the six I had, one had bone fragments and another had chunks of fat. My friend has eaten three out of her half dozen and hers also had chunks fat.I think at $10 a dozen, the quality of the filling is not what it should be.

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                1. Doesn't sound good. And $10 is pricey. A dozen goes for $5 on average in San Antonio.

                  1. Since I first posted on the 8th, I've ordered tamales from La Popular twice. I was impressed both times. I've had the pork with Jalapenos, chicken, and bean with Jalapenos. All were good, though the chicken is a bit bland as I expected. But the quality of the ingredients shines through.

                    One warning: if you order on line from their web site, call to confirm your order and pick up date. I ordered 2 days prior my pick up date and they had no record of my order. The counter help stated the person that takes the orders on line had been absent. But they had enough tamales on hand that they still filled my order when I arrived to pick up my order. The cost is $8.75 per dozen.

                    1. Don't laugh...but Central Market makes the best tamales in the area. Even from some of those "authentic Mexican" places...the tamales are dried out. Central Market tamales are pretty moist.

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                        Boy, I have to agree that Central Market sells great tamales.

                      2. Aparichio's in Plano has good tamales and built a bigger business on their tamales, but I must admit Central Market is pretty hard to beat.

                        1. Central Market does have pretty good tamales. My first choice would be La Popular. I've never been disappointed with their tamales.

                          1. You have seen the Pace Picante sauce ad where the hook is "made in New York City!" Well, that is how this San Antonian feels about any other geographic location suggesting that they have a good Tex-Mex tamale.

                            For starters, no tamale made and sold at any restaurant in Texas is state inspected Second, I really don't understand about the masa content. If what you are saying is that you want a tamale that is not all masa and very little filling, then we are on the same page.

                            Rudy's Mexican Food Products (210) 533 - 5436, ships, next day or overnight, as little as a case (twelve dozen, dozen), to any where in the U.S. They are state inspected.

                            And, I have often made the comment that if I have a heart attack, and they have to perform immediate open heart massage, I want it done on Rudy's kitchen floor. It is far cleaner than your average hospital operating room. He steams his floor once a day, and his antique metal ceiling once a month. The state does not require him to do that.

                            They have machine-made (@$4.00 a dozen, or hand made (much larger) for a little over $8.00. Here comes the good part.

                            Rudy's has been & cheese, regular pork, jalapeno pork, beef, chicken, and their chicken jalapeno, which I will challenge any one to differ with, is the best hand-made state inspected tamale in the world.

                            My suggestion is to order a case of mixed samples, both machine-made and hand-made. They even make a cocktail size tamale for parties.

                            And, for all you wild game enthusiasts, if you have a mess of venison, wild boar, or buffalo, bring it in, and they will do a custom run for you.

                            Good luck.

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                              Yeah Central Market has amazing tamales!!! But guess what!?!....Central Market orders their tamales from Rudy's!

                            2. About six months ago Dallas Alice recommended La Popular on Columbia Avenue in East Dallas to another poster. Now La Popular is my tamale place. For years we bought our tamales to go from Marquez Bakery and Tortilla Factory in Grand Prairie. However, the quality of tamale doesn't compare with La Popular.

                              It is my understanding that the cloth-bagged tamales sold at Central Market come from Houston's Texas Tamale Co. Do they also carry Rudy's Tortillas tamales?