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Dec 8, 2006 02:43 PM

Biscotti jars

I'm making biscotti for a gift and want to place them in a decorative biscotti jar. Can't find one. Have looked in Target, Homegoods/TJMaxx and Bed 'n Bath. Where can I find one?? QUICKLY!

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  1. World Market and IKEA have plain tall glass jars w/ airtight lids that would work. You could sponge them, or just add some decorative ribbons/trim.

    1. I did this with an old mayo jar and new mason jar lids, but if you go to a Smart n' Final or other restaurant supply type store, they'll have quart sized glass jars. Now that I know these jars are so useful, I'm having all my friends collect them throughout the year so I can clean them off and just buy the lids next year.

      1. I found ceramic biscotti jars (already filled with Nanna's choc biscotti) at Staples for 9.99. Save the prepacked cookies for a another occasion and fill the decanter with your treats!

        Three different ceramic Italian themes were offered. Each pattern glazed onto the containers. Very nice and a surprising find at Staples office supply.