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Dec 8, 2006 02:39 PM

Cozy pub with a fireplace in Philly?

What better way to enjoy the holiday season then next to a fire with a pint in your hand? I searched old posts and there are a few places listed (Bridgid's is one), but I wanted to see if anyone knew of others in the city.


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  1. Standard Tap has fireplace upstairs. I think McGuillans also.

    1. Race Street Cafe has a fireplace, I think.

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      1. re: pronek

        Yes the Race Street Cafe has a fireplace.....a stove actually. Nice and comfy on a cold night. Get there early to get one of the tables next to the stove.

        I do believe The Bards on Walnut Street has a fireplace.

        1. re: G Goo

          Yes, the Bard's has a fireplace. The best on weekends when the traditional Irish music jam is going on . . .

      2. Back in my college days on Penn's campus (I went to Drexel actually) there was a spot called the Palladium that had a fireplace. You could actually make the fire if you wanted. The room was very big with plump comfortable chairs about. On Thursdays as I recall at the bar they had blueberry muffins, smoked salmon and a few other goodies on the house. Those were good times.

        As for today I know that Mahagony (on Walnut) has one (but that's a cigar bar).

        1. Sassafrass on 2nd in Old City has a fireplace that usually has a fire during cold months.