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Dec 8, 2006 02:36 PM

Help! Quick meal in Redhook

Ok, my husb is playing at The Hook tonight, and we need to grab a quick bite to eat between 7 and 7:45! Not looking for the best meal, just the quickest close by. TIA!!

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  1. There is really nothing by The Hook that will be open then. Are you taking the subway? If so, you'll get off at either Carroll Street or 9th Street stop which means you'll cross Court Street and you could eat at the bar at Frankie's 457 pretty quickly.

    That part of Red Hook is closer to Carroll Gardens just across the BQE, vs. the places on Van Brunt.

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    1. re: chow_gal

      I should have specified where I'm coming from. I live in Gowanus so I will be walking across Union. I was hoping Defontes would be open, but they close at 4. I'm afraid fairway is too far to cover the 45 minute window of buying and eating. Perhaps we will stop at Ferdinando's or DUB pies on the way...

      1. re: prunefeet

        That helps. There is also Schnack on Union. Turning onto Columbia there is a sushi place. DUB is a good idea too.

    2. Go to Fairway, put together a super quick picnic, put on your snowsuits, and sit outside watching the glimmery lights xcross the river.

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        1. not sure how late its open, but

          Defonte Sandwich Shop
          379 Columbia St
          (718) 855-6982

          is as good as old school sandwich shop gets.
          Try the signature sandwich, and as extra spicy.
          Great place.

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          1. re: driggs

            Defonte's says they close at 4. In fact, they've often packed up most of the stuff, or run out, by 3.

            1. re: driggs

              Hey Driggs! I'll get this some afternoon when they're open, I have been wanting to try this place.

            2. el huipil on sullivan between van brunt and conover is a quick tasty bite. Not much for atmosphere, but the mole is good.

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              1. re: oolah

                I've been wanting to try their Saturday posole. But I don't think we will have time for a sitdown meal at all. But thanks!

                1. re: prunefeet

                  If you're short on time, El Huipil is not an option. While the food can be good if you hit them right, the service is habitually slow. I do think that they deliver, though - which might be an option for you.