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Dec 8, 2006 02:35 PM

Great Burgers in Albany?

Does anyone know of a great burger in the Albany area?

Lately I've found myself really drawn to the burgers at Red Robin of all places!

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  1. Sutters.

    Jumping Jacks on the Mohawk River in Scotia open only during the warm months.

    1. Beff's (both Delmar and Albany locations) have great burgers. So does the Black Cat in Cohoes.

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      1. re: PSZaas

        I second Beffs re burgers but beware lunch "specials" as they are or can be poorly assembled, concieved and/or presented.

      2. Sutters on Western Ave

        1. We've had great burgers at Malt River in Latham Circle mall. They're also willing to sub the regular fries for their sweet potato fries, which are delicious.
          Does anyone know if 5 Brothers burgers is still open in Niskayuna? They're supposed to have great burgers, but I haven't had the chance to get there yet.

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          1. re: AmyH

            Yes 5 brothers is till open
            Didn't think the burgers were anything special but were good

          2. Got to be Sutters on Western Avenue (Route 20) basically across from the SUNY Campus. The sides are optional from a buffet bar. Also, if you are in the area, the Across the Street Pub, also on Western Avenue close to the SUNY Campus, does a decent lunch menu, with some optional sides from a buffet bar. Last time I was there, the sides seemed to all have a garlic base, which aint a bad thing to my taste