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Dec 8, 2006 02:35 PM

Good portion w. Desserts (similar to Cheesecake Factory)?

Thinking of a place to eat with a group of 6 this Sunday night for a girl friend's birthday.

Recently went to Cheesecake Factory in the States, and I think that's what they all like.

- Good portion (important to the guys)
- Good quality overall
- Selection of desserts (birthday girl loves)
- Nice environment (not too formal/uptight - good for everyone)
- Reasonable priced

Is there such place in Toronto? My brain isn't working today... can't think.

Help >_<

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    1. re: xtal

      There's a TGI Friday's in Toronto?

      You should go to a place like Demetre's. There are a number of locations around the GTA and they have that kind of dessert menu/environment.

        1. re: nummanumma

          Alice Fazoolis is a good all-in-one selection for food and dessert. Great space down on Richmond and a fun party buzz.

        2. re: pescatarian

          My apologies, I thought there was one in Toronto.

      1. definetly sounds like you want to go to demetres.. huge portions, big selection of cakes , ice cream , waffles, crepes, sundaes, etc. and I think its well priced

        1. Cafe Demetre is just desserts, I think, but if you're looking for the hungry-man sized dinner and the fancy desserts, you coudl go to the Astoria on the Danforth for dinner, and then next door to Cafe Demetre for dessert.

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          1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

            They actually do have some savoury crepes/sandwiches, including one I actually enjoyed, but it's not really dinner. However I was also going to make the suggestion that the OP choose something else for dinner, perhaps on the Danforth, and then head to Demetres. You could then get drinks somewhere and make a whole night of it, should be fun.

            1. re: julesrules

              depending on your budget, you COULD try out the new Globe if your not into greek food!

            2. re: TwinklyTerrapin

              Great combination that matches your request is in on the Danforth - i agree. Astoria and Demetres

            3. not my favorite place....but the Pickle Barrel. Huge menu (I actually noticed some items they ripped off the cheesecake factory). Decent portions. Not too expensive. And the desserts are from La Rocca. They have a website I can look it up.

              1. there is a demetres on royal york and bloor - i too agree that their crepes and waffles are awesome. Almost a meal in themselves. I would not go for dinner though. Lunch - yes. Soups, salads and sandwiches mainly.
                Anyways, on royal york and bloor (two to three blocks east of royal york on the north side) there is an italian restaurant that is infamous for its large portions. . . . the name is not coming to me now. I have never been personally, but i have heard this many times. After dinner, you can walk one block east and have coffee and waffles at demetres.
                There is also a green mango and just greeks in this neighbourhood, both serve good food, decent portions and decent prices. Its a good area for what you are seeking.