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Best meals for under 10 dollars!

That's right, 10 dollars. With the holidays thinning out your wallet, where would you go for a cheap celebration? Can you sneak a drink in under the cap? Amaze me with your know-how.

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  1. bukowski's buk burgers. Can get a drink too for under 10 bucks.

    1. Daisy Buchanan's has 2 dollar burgers and 1 dollar hot dogs
      M-TH 3-7. Not very chowish but if you shopping on Newbury Street it'll help you save a few bucks and you can still get a beer maybe 2.

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        Daisy Buchanan's is still open? Wow, that's a blast from the past! Last time I was there, Dennis Rodman was drinking a beer a few seats down (that was a long time ago).

        Here are a few of my cheap favorites (all have seating, and all have meals for under $10):

        Tacos Lupita, Somerville (Salvadoran)
        King Fung Garden, Chinatown
        Reef Cafe, Allston (Middle Eastern)
        Blue Ribbon BBQ, Arlington
        Lynwood Cafe, Randolph (pizza)

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          Last time I was there, Derek Sanderson, was holding court.

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          In the happy hour vein if that works with your schedule, I'd kick it up a couple dollars and go to the Blu or Noir hh from 5-7. Blu has $9 fancy drinks (beers for less obviously) and a good choice of apps for $5. Noir has the usual expensive drinks and items from $1-5. Sandrines has all their 10 year anniv. specials during the whole day, this is the last month. Things like flammekuche w/ a small glass of wine for $10. That my friends is a good deal. Also available their cheese plate, etc. Check the web site.

        3. Pad See Ew from Rod Dee II in the Fenway. Nice big fat pan fried rice noodles - add the hot sauce they give you to make it even better. They do not have alcohol, but you could easily get a Thai ice tea for some sugary goodness and even leave a tip for $10.

          1. There was a pretty extensive thread this summer on "hidden meal deals", which quickly shed the "hidden":


            1. Easy top 2: Arancini at Galleria Umberto or tortas at Lupita, which certainly leaves money for soda/juice.

              1. Demo's. You can get a couple of skewers (lamb, chicken or beef), Greek salad, pita bread and a beer or wine for about $10 or less.

                1. Dok Bua. Not only is it arguably the best Thai food in the Boston area, with some of the most...umm... let's just say... UNIQUE decor, they have lunch AND dinner specials under $10 every day!

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                    Xinh Xinh in Chinatown.
                    I usually have large bowl of pho and fresh summer rolls and it runs about $8

                  2. Chef Chang's lunch specials. Soup, entree, rice and egg roll. Even with a (domestic) beer, it'll be less than $10.

                    1. wow- this is great. i know zoe's rings in for about 6 bucks a lunch special.

                      1. Pupusa plate at Pupusa Guanaca in JP, Pupuseria in Eastie, or Mi Tierra on Moody St in Waltham, plus an an horchata or other soft drink, is delicious, substantial, and under $10.

                        1. I'm partial to a bowl of pho at the former Pho Pasteur, now Le's.
                          If you go with a friend, you can split an order of fresh summer rolls too for an app., for about $10/head.

                          1. At this time of year, I'd probably head to Cambridge COmmon for a burger and a beer, which would bring you in just around $10 before tip. This is because they're burgers are good, and their selection of seasonal beers is usually quite good. Ummm...I love winter beer. Hope someone brings me one within hours of my delivering these 2 babies.

                            1. If there are 2 of you you could split one of the cheaper dishes at J&J (the grilled half chicken, pork & clams, febras) and have enough for wine or beer. You can sub vegetables for rice or fries.

                              1. You could gorge on Sicilian pizza at Galleria Umberto (for lunch), and have a couple of glasses of wine or beer too.

                                1. Uburger combo: burger, fries, and a coke for $7.62. No beer though. :(

                                  1. Tamarind Bay in Cambridge has a great Thai lunch, typically costs between 6 and 7 w/o appetizer, 8-9 with if you split it with someone. All lunches start with some type of amuse, typically a cup of soup which is brought to the table before you even order. Good size portions, great service and a lot of variety on the (suprisingly clear) menu.

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                                      Isn't Tamarind Bay the upscale Indian place, not Thai? Are you thinking about 9 Tastes nearby?

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                                        ack! I am thinking of and referring to Tamarind House, which I go to two or three times per week and refer to it simply as "the Thai Place" NOT Tamarind Bay, which is nice, but not for $10.00. I don't care for 9 tastes, actually.

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                                          FYI, Tamarind BAY has a great buffet lunch for $8ish. Leaps and bounds above other Indian buffets in the area.

                                    2. Food Court at Super 88 in Allston; I just picked up Beef Chow Foon for $6.05. Burritos at El Pelon for about $4.50. I love the Pho (chicken) at Pho So 1 in Randolph about $6.25 for Xtra Large.

                                      1. Pho at Le's (formerly Pho Pasteur). You can order a bowl of soup you could take a bath in for under $10.

                                        1. Two people splitting one order of fish stew at Mu Que Ca (Cambridge St., Cambridge). Comes with rice on the side, plenty of food, and clocks in just over $6 each. Add an order of dried beef with yucca and you're close to $10.

                                          1. Rincon Limeno in Eastie. YUM!

                                            1. and, lest we forget, the chicken sandwich at O Cantino. 5.20. thats w/ a side of potatos or salad...................

                                              1. The BBQ pulled chicked sandwich @ Blue Ribbon in West Newton. Comes w/ two sides for 6.25. Even w/ tea or lemonade it comes to well under $10.It's the best deal in town day or night.

                                                1. masa has late-night dollar tapas which aren't bad. the bar at all the mccormick and scmick's have ceap eats from 4-7 weekdays, ranging from $1.95 catfish fingers and a burger to $3.95 for a huge bowl of mussels.

                                                  does your $10 include a tip? ;)