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Dec 8, 2006 02:34 PM

Best meals for under 10 dollars!

That's right, 10 dollars. With the holidays thinning out your wallet, where would you go for a cheap celebration? Can you sneak a drink in under the cap? Amaze me with your know-how.

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  1. bukowski's buk burgers. Can get a drink too for under 10 bucks.

    1. Daisy Buchanan's has 2 dollar burgers and 1 dollar hot dogs
      M-TH 3-7. Not very chowish but if you shopping on Newbury Street it'll help you save a few bucks and you can still get a beer maybe 2.

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      1. re: psc109

        Daisy Buchanan's is still open? Wow, that's a blast from the past! Last time I was there, Dennis Rodman was drinking a beer a few seats down (that was a long time ago).

        Here are a few of my cheap favorites (all have seating, and all have meals for under $10):

        Tacos Lupita, Somerville (Salvadoran)
        King Fung Garden, Chinatown
        Reef Cafe, Allston (Middle Eastern)
        Blue Ribbon BBQ, Arlington
        Lynwood Cafe, Randolph (pizza)

        1. re: hiddenboston

          Last time I was there, Derek Sanderson, was holding court.

        2. re: psc109

          In the happy hour vein if that works with your schedule, I'd kick it up a couple dollars and go to the Blu or Noir hh from 5-7. Blu has $9 fancy drinks (beers for less obviously) and a good choice of apps for $5. Noir has the usual expensive drinks and items from $1-5. Sandrines has all their 10 year anniv. specials during the whole day, this is the last month. Things like flammekuche w/ a small glass of wine for $10. That my friends is a good deal. Also available their cheese plate, etc. Check the web site.

        3. Pad See Ew from Rod Dee II in the Fenway. Nice big fat pan fried rice noodles - add the hot sauce they give you to make it even better. They do not have alcohol, but you could easily get a Thai ice tea for some sugary goodness and even leave a tip for $10.

          1. There was a pretty extensive thread this summer on "hidden meal deals", which quickly shed the "hidden":


            1. Easy top 2: Arancini at Galleria Umberto or tortas at Lupita, which certainly leaves money for soda/juice.