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Dec 8, 2006 02:32 PM

50's pink candy coated popcorn

Does anyone remember the flavor of the pink candy coated popcorn sold in bags in the 50's in the RI area and I believe New England as well?

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  1. They still sell it in the SF California area, Wright Popcorn.
    They have a website

    but I don't know whether or not they sell in small quantities.

    It's a cotton-candyish flavor. I'm told by family members who ate the original that the 50's stuff was better (nostalgia maybe).

    1. When I was a kid, we always considered the flavor as being "pink", since there didn't seem to be any other way to describe it. When we used to get popsicles (the old style with two sticks, so one could be shared with a friend), the blue ones were always "blue" flavor. As kids, we kept it simple. Now, everything seems to require a description that takes into account the variety of nuances experienced by the educated palate. Oh, to be young (and simple) again.......

      1. I'm smiling and nodding over your response. I felt the same way about the pink jellybeans I used to get over Easter. You had lime jellybeans, lemon jellybeans, licorice jellybeans It's weird how colors become flavors. When I golf, the cart girl always offers Gatorade, etc, in terms of color eg "Do you want red or yellow?" Not, do you want "fruit punch" or "Lemon lime". Maybe because there's not a damn natural thing about their flavor!

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          They say "red" and "yellow" and "blue" because Gatorade names its drinks crazy things like "Arctic Blast" and "Polar Slush" and "Tantric Ice" that no self-respecting cart girl would utter in a million years.

        2. I smiled as soon as I read that! I was thinking "oh my god, I loved that stuff!"