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Dec 8, 2006 02:18 PM

Cafe Enduro: Just opened in P-LG

I believe it was Samuel Johnson who never said, "Depend upon it, sir, none but the foolish or desperate would venture into a restaurant on its opening night." But in Prospect Lefferts, many of us are desperate for convivial restaurants with tables and silverware, and so it was that Cafe Enduro (51 Lincoln Place, next to the Q subway station and KDog & Dunebuggy, open 11-11 for lunch & dinner, no reservations taken at the moment) was full by 7pm.

The history of the venue has been reported elsewhere (; suffice it to say that the owner, Jim Mamary, was in fact last night's maitre d'. The room is cheerful and small (meaning that it doesn't take many folks to make the joint jump); even more ausiciously, it has a bar against one wall and a fireplace on the other. Put it all together, and you have an exceptionially inviting space--especially by PLG standards.

The crowd was as mixed as the neighborhood; some families, some older residents, several groups of neighbors, some Gen X & Y Ocean Ave types, and yes--black + white, caribbean + yankee. Service: attentive and blazingly fast (OK, they probably wanted to turn over the tables, but there was no hassle for folks who wanted to linger and frankly, we wanted to get the 7 year old home).

And the food? Mexican, with a much fuller menu than Pacifico. Same deal: no combination plates; you order enchiladas or quesadillas or tacos and then rice and beans or platanos as sides. Prices v. reasonable. I don't recall anything over $15; standard mexican fare like enchiladas ran from $8-10, plus sides at $2 a pop. Entrees ran the $11-14 range. Margaritas start at $6 (though the bartender only charged me $5, and they were potent! An opening night special???); beer at $4/5, etc. If you order the special Guacamole at $10, you get a whole molcajete full.

I had the green pork enchiladas with refried pintos & yellow rice. The S.O. had the salmon; the 7 year old just rice and beans because that's how he rolls. And was it good? Sure. Was it great? That is so not the point right now. It was more than good enough for us to keep coming back; whoever's in the kitchen is clearly trying to do more than standard Tex-Med roadhouse fare (all kinds of interesting spicing in the guacamole, for instance; and the green pork was surprisingly subtle). And with luck, it will not only get better but (unlike Pacifico--are you reading this Jim?) stay better.

For now, though, it's enough that there's a welcoming place with a diverse, tasty menu that we can stroll into on the spur of the moment. This could be huge...

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  1. The old ENDURO (of the 1940's) became JUNIOR's.

    1. I've just posted a few coments on our Enduro experience. Search:

      go to the What's on the other side of the Park? (Ditmas, Lefferts, Windsor...) topic and scroll to the bottom if it's of interest.

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        why do so many people on this board post these weird links that don't work? Is there some kind of bug that breaks all hyperlinks to old threads?

        In any case, I've lived in P-LG for many years, taking advantage of the swift & convenient transportation, the absurdly cheap rent, the jerk chicken and little else. I had dinner at Enduro tonight.

        My meal was cheap, tasty and satisfying; I left the establishment (and its uncharacteristic throngs of white people) with a pleasant buzz accompanied by a nagging malaise... the notion that "my" neighborhood has begun its gradual, inevitable metamorphosis into, say, East Williamsburg.

        East Williamsburg is a nice place to visit, but my checkbook and I would not want to live there....

        Alas, I--an inveterate hypocrite--will dine there again shortly. The booze is cheap, the staff nice and the gringo quesadillas hearty and thoughtfully prepared.

      2. ENDURO'S was the original name of JUNIOR'S when it was first started.

        I got a great cookbook for Christmas of JUNIOR'S that tells their entire story, with great vintage photos. It has all their recipes, including all the cheesecakes and desserts, and their other famous dishes as well. I have already made the Crab Stuffed Shrimp and Yellow Rice. I am making the Rice Pudding with Fresh Strawberry Sauce for tomorrow.

        1. Enduro has a great local vibe withy friendly and nice staff. Their quesadilla with chicken mole is wonderful and the guacamole is some of the best in the city. For those who don’t live nearby Enduro and don’t know about this place, it is definitely worth a visit to Prospect-Lefferts for some great Mexican food.