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Dec 8, 2006 02:17 PM

Mason Jars

Do you know where I can find these in Chicago? I have been to Bed Bath and Linens & Things with no luck.


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  1. Most hardware stores carry them year round. I've had success at Ace, Menards and some independent stores. Sometimes Jewel/Osco carry them, but they might be more seasonal.

    1. I bought some last week from Ace Hardware in the city. Jewel carries them, but Ace Hardware has a better variety of sizes.

      1. I have bought them at Ace also. Dominicks, Jewel & Sunset Foods carries them too.

        1. I found a wide variety of them at the Container Store. Thanks for all that replied

          1. If you need a lot of jars, the above posts have answered you. If you need just two or three, thrift shops usually have a few. Make sure the rims aren't chipped and put them through the dishwasher and they'll be fine with new tops. I use Mason jars for refrigerator storage because, being vertical, they save space. Especially useful for soup are the big 1.5 quart size.