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Cookie Tins - Where to buy?

Looking for some empty cookie tins that I can fill with homemade cookies to give as a gift. Where can one find these? I searched online and couldn't really find any empty tins.

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      Yes...Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree...depending on where I've been in the US, I've found tins and packaging tissue too.

    2. IKEA. They have the different size ones stacked.

      1. Thanks for the info. I will check IKEA since I haven't seen a dollar store near me in NYC.

        1. This time of year, they are ubiquitous. Last Sunday I saw them at: Target, Long'g Drug Store, Rite Aid Drug Store, Orchard Supply Hardware and Lunardis Grocery Store.

            1. I've bought some at the Container Store in the past. Not too badly priced and nice shapes/subtle designs.

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                I love the stuff at the Container Store. And at this time of year, they always have lots of holiday themed containers. They usually carry several different kinds and styles and sizes of cookie tins. (And if you're in NYC, they have 2 locations.)

              2. Joann's Fabric had them 50% off yesterday, but it was still a few dollars for small tins.

                Big Lots has the best deal I've seen this year. A lot of smaller tins for 99 cents, and the biggest ones are just $2. They come in a lot of cute holiday color/pattern too.

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                  I agree about Joann's. They also have some really nice round cardboard wine bottle gift 'boxes'. Pricey but for perfect for the special recipient.

                2. I LOVE this company! Their boxes are such a stylish way to give food gifts and I buy all of my gift wrap supplies from them as well. I do not own a business and have had no problems placing orders. In cases where the product I want is offered in quantites far greater than what I need, I have had great luck finding friends who are delighted to split the order. They are a great source for ribbon, tissue, gift bags. etc....


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                    Wow, that is a great site. Thanks for the tip.

                  2. Container Store. They have various sizes, shapes (square, circle, paint can, etc.), and colors of cookie tins.

                    Another option is Michael's Arts and Crafts.

                    1. One thing that I did last year was use cylindrical wine boxes for some of my cookies... they ended up being quite cute, if I do say so myself! ;-) I got them at Michael's for $1.50 ea, I think, and they could be reusable too.

                      1. I usually scour yard sales and flea markets all year to find them. You can get some great antique ones for very short money.

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                          Yes- people donate the ones that don't sell at a garage sale to Thrift Stores all the time, along with baskets that food gifts come in...

                        2. If you have a Hobby Lobby they usually have all sorts and sizes and attractively priced.

                          1. Crate & Barrel always has something nice, but they are in the $2.99 a piece price range.

                            1. Tuesday Morning has them as well as good card board boxes made to look like tins. Some Goodwill stores carry brand new ones for cheap. As an alternative, I used paper soup containers (like to go deli containers) for spiced nuts one year.

                              1. Picked up cardboard wine bottles, holiday themed take-out boxes, gifting enamel paint cans, paper for creating holders and lining tissue at Michale's Crafts. Huge sale going on there!

                                They also had adorable cookie jars.

                                1. Ditto the Container Store. They have tins and boxes of all sizes, but buy now, they run out of the 'ready wrap' boxes closer to Christmas. The wine cylinders are great as they are inexpensive and sturdy. Nordstrom Rack even carries them. Already decoratively wrapped for you. The trick is to make your drop cookies big enough to fit nicely in them. I think a standard sized ice cream scoop should create the right size cookie. I received a similar package last Christmas from a client. It was HEAVY, and in a wine box. I thought it was a bottle of wine - it was the most decadent version of a chocolate chip cookie (a baker's dozen) I had ever had. Fun presentation. I love creative packaging!

                                  1. Walmart, K-Mart, Target. Get some now and stock up after Christmas when they are half off.

                                      1. Dollar stores, Target, Walmart, Dee & Dee shops, even some supermarkets carry them.

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                                          I've found plenty of nice tins in thrift stores, even some cool vintage ones. However.... a couple of years ago I started giving holiday treats in Chinese takeout boxes and everyone loves them. I just ordered more from Uline - primarily an industrial packaging business - one hundred cute red 1 qt boxes for $23! There website has lots of cool disposable food packaging products.

                                        2. I got mine on eBay last X-mas.

                                            1. I was looking for something similar. I need something to give personalized ornaments that protects well. Found some at Michael's and JoAnn's, but they're not the right shape for me. To my surprise, Target didn't have any! I ended up buying square-ish boxes from Big Lots at a decent price.

                                              1. I buy the monogrammed boxes from here: http://www.bakingboxes.com/

                                                They are the same boxes sold by Williams-Sonoma in their holiday catalog every year, for MUCH less $$. I was beyond excited to finally find them last year after spending I-can't-tell-you-how-much-$$ on the same boxes at W-S over the years.

                                                1. I got some really pretty gift boxes today for my homemade goodies--not tins, but paperboard boxes. Cost Plus World Market has them 50% off right now. Mine are 8" X 8" X 2", but they had a few sizes, printed with different (reasonably tasteful, not cutesy) holiday patterns. I'd gone there looking for tins, but they didn't have many of those. These will work fine, at least for me.

                                                  1. I've seen them at Christmas Tree Shop.

                                                    1. the only suggestion I haven't seen here is The Party Store - not sure if you have one near you but they had inexpensive but cute tins last season.