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Dec 8, 2006 02:11 PM

Italian, mid-high price range

Hey there. Going for dinner with 2 vegetarians and 2 people who love "creative food". Italian seems to be the safest bet. Looking for central TO, mid prices, food with a bit of a "twist". Would love to hear any suggestions.

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      1. Whithout doubt Mistura. Best and most innovative Italian in Toronto. Second choice Oro.

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        1. re: ishmael

          I second these suggestions, Mistura is the only place to go if looking for innovative Italian.

        2. Mistura is good, and it's in central Toronto - where you want your choice to be - but I don't regard it as mid-priced. As Italian joints go, it's rather high-priced. Much more in the mid-priced category is Zucca, though it may be farther north than you may prefer. It's on Yonge St., about two blocks south of Eglinton. Imaginative cooking is what you get there, at fair prices (it even has a decent $22 bottle of red Portuguese on its wine list) and good service in an attractive room. An altogether enjoyable spot. You an go high end on some of its dishes, but most - especially the pastas - are eminently reasonable.

          1. Tutti Matti is overrated in my opinion. Every time I had lunch there (our offices were just around the corner) I left with a general feeling of 'ok, but meh'.
            What about Le Fenice on 319 King West? It a restauranteur's restaurant. The menu is short, but every dish is perfectly executed. Service is excellent.

            With Le Mercury on Bloor it's one of my favorite restaurants downtown.

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              I'd have said just the opposite. La Fenice is merely OK and Tutti Matti is excellent.

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                Heh. Shows how tastes differ. I really *wanted* to like Tutti Matti but the food, while fine, just didn't do it for me. I was really disappointed, because they do so many things right - the open kitchen, the emphasis on fresh ingredients, the seasonal cooking, all exactly my cup of tea. Maybe I'll need to give the place another chance.

                The thing I love about Le Fenice is that they keep things extremely simple, yet the flavour is always there.

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                  < The thing I love about Le Fenice is that they keep things extremely simple, yet the flavour is always there >

                  that's the perfect way to describe La Fenice! it's always quality