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Sat night West Village--No reservation---Any recs?

Title says it all--I have housewarming party sat night at 10--want to get dinner first, too stupid to have made reservation, so here I am. I hear Little Owl has two non-reservation tables--is this true?

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  1. Blue Ribbon Bakery usually doesn't have a long wait.

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      I would add August and Extra Virgin

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        Those two get mixed chowhoud reviews, though I have never tried them myself.

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          I don't think that I've read a negative review of August. I think that's true for EV.

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            I have had wonderful experiances at both places.

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              I had a completely inedible dinner at August. Really, one of the worst I've ever had in New York. It was last summer, so maybe they've improved, but I'm not betting on it.

      2. Little Owl is virtually impossible to get into without a resie. I went at 7 pm on a friday and was told they wouldn't be able to seat me (even at the bar) until 10:30. I've been back with a reservation, and it seemed that everyone else at the place had also reserved, so I'm not sure that they save tables for walk-ins.

        Nearby, though, Maremma often has tables and almost always has seats (compfortable, padded stools with backs) to eat at their bar, and the food, especially the papparadelle, is very good.

        1. Valdino West on Hudson and Bank. Really well-done italian and cozy atmosphere. One of my faves around there. The owner and waiters are so sweet. Get the gnocci osso bucco--amazing.

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            Nice to hear someone else enjoys Valdino West. I thought I was alone.
            If it is on the menu, they have a great, very frech, gnocchi in gorgonzola. I also enjoy their simple pecorino cheese and salame appetizer. It is a great place to drop in if you do not have reservations at the nearby Da Andrea.

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              I also loved Valdino West and heard they closed recently!! Is this true?? Does anyone know what happened? Or, if they moved to a different area of nyc due to rising rents? Thanks!

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                They did close due to a quadrupling of their rent. I have heard they reopened in Chelsea, but I haven't found them, yet.

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              you had me at gnocci osso bucco!!
              thanks everyone

            3. Snack Taverna
              Malatesta Trattoria
              Osteria del Sole

              All places that are terrific, but seem to have walkins.

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              1. Las Ramblas also is non-reserving, though its tiny and fills up quickly.

                1. Malatesta, Moustache, and Piadina are great. Da Andreas is good as well.

                  1. For Italian you can try La Cantina on 8th and Jane or Mauritzio Trattoria on 13th between 5th and 6th. Mary's Fish Camp doesn't take reservations but if you go early and put in your name you can get a drink down the block at Chow Bar or Le Deus Gamin. BTW LDG looks good but I have only had cocktails and apps there. Great atmosphere though.

                    1. i think almost every single restaurant on this list is non-reservation oriented. some are in chelsea, but very close to the west village:


                      1. I agree with Las Ramblas, it's a tiny little madhouse, but it's delicious and authentic tapas. And a fantastic selection of Spanish wines. The staff also hold the place together very nicely. It's on West 4th between Jones & Cornelia.

                        1. I ate at August a few months ago and was extremely disappointed. Perhaps I did not order well, but the food was nothing special. The lamb was particularly bland. The staff however is better than most. If you go, ask to sit in the back.
                          Dell'Anima is another option. You may have to wait a bit at the bar, but the food is delicious.

                          1. Highly recommend Gradisca. Absolutely delicious.